Mining yield

Mining yield

Mining yield is the rate at which miners mine ore, ice, or gas. Spil all mining modules mine a certain volume of ore/ice/gas ter a given time, the amount of ore/ice/gas mined therefore depends on this mining rate (often quoted te m Trio vanaf minute) and on the volume of the ore/ice/gas (m Three ) being mined.


Mineable materials

There are sixteen types of ore te Fresh Eden (each with two further subtypes, but which are functionally identical to their parent ore), and, spil a general rule, the rarer the ore, the higher its volume. So Veldspar (the most common type of ore) has a volume of 0.1 m Trio vanaf unit, while Scordite (the 2nd most common type or ore) has a volume of 0.15 m Trio vanaf unit. Therefore, a miner can mine 50% more Veldspar than Scordite te any given period of time. Rarer ores have everzwijn higher volumes (up to 40 m Three for Mercoxit, the rarest ore type). Ore mining modules (mining lasers and stripverhaal miners) mine inbetween 40 and 180 m Trio of ore vanaf minute by default, improving ore mining efficiency therefore involves enlargening this mining rate.

You can check the volume of the ore you’re interested te through the in-game “Display Informatie” window.

There are twelve different types of ice te Fresh Eden, but unlike ore, all types of ice have a volume of 1000 m Three vanaf unit – and all ice harvesting modules mine 1000 m Three (i.e. one unit of ice) vanaf cycle. Therefore, enhancing ice mining efficiency involves reducing the cycle time (which, by default, is around five minutes) of ice mining modules, ter order to mine more ice te a given period of time.

There are 25 different types of harvestable gas te Fresh Eden, grouped into three categories. Mykoserocin and cytoserocin gases (found ter known space) all have a volume of Ten m Trio , while fullerite gases (found ter wormhole space) have volumes varying inbetween 1 and Ten m Three . Like ore miners, gas harvesting modules gather a certain volume of gas vanaf 2nd (around 20-30 m Trio /zoogmoeder by default), improving gas harvesting efficiency therefore involves enhancing this rate.

Improving mining yield

Mining yield can be improved ter four ways:

  • Training mining abilities
  • Fitting different modules to your mining ship
  • Installing implants ter your character
  • Be part of a mining fleet and receive fleet boosts


Mining and Astrogeology both give a +5% toeslag to ore mining yield vanaf skill level, while Ice Harvesting reduces the cycle time of ice harvesters by 5% vanaf skill level. Additionally, all the mining ships build up bonuses from their respective Spaceship Instruction abilities, for example, if you’re flying a Venture, Mining Frigate improves your ore mining yield by an extra 5% vanaf skill level (or the cycle time of your gas harvesters by 5% vanaf skill level). This last method is also the only way to improve gas harvesting through abilities – Gas Cloud Harvesting permits you to getraind an extra gas harvesting module on your ship vanaf skill level, but doesn’t improve the efficiency of those modules.

Mining modules

Each category of mining module (basic ore miners, deep core ore miners, ore strook miners, deep core ore strook miners, ice harvesters, and gas cloud harvesters) includes a number of different modules which fulfill the same purpose, but some have better spectacle than others. Te other words, mining yield can be enhanced by using higher-quality mining modules (i.e. modules with a higher yield). The downside is that higher-performance modules may have higher fitting requirements, may require extra abilities to be trained, and are usually (but not always) more expensive.

Ore miners, ter particular, have a large selection of mining modules to choose from. Te addition to the improved (higher-meta, Tech Two or Faction) versions available of each mining module, ore miners can also gezond Stripverhaal Miners (which can mine several times more than basic ore mining lasers, but can only be used on Mining Barges and Exhumers) and Deep Core Miners (which are needed to mine Mercoxit, a very zonderling type of ore). Additionally, “modulated” ore mining modules can be fitted with mining crystals to greatly increase the mining yield for particular kinds of ore.

Mining upgrade modules

Ore and ice miners can getraind mining upgrade modules on their ships, which increase their mining yield (by 5%-9%, depending on the module), but increase the amount of CPU used by the mining modules fitted on their ship. There are no mining upgrade modules for gas cloud harvesting.

There are equipments to improve the ore mining yield of mining drones, the yield for mining Mercoxit ore, and the yield for ice mining.


There are several implants which you can butt-plug into your head which increase your mining yield:

  • Michi’s Excavation Augmentor increases the yield of mining lasers by 5%
  • The Eifyr and Co. ‘Alchemist’ Gas Harvesting implant reduces the cycle time of Gas Cloud Harvesters by 1%-5% (depending on the grade of the implant)
  • The Inherent Implants ‘Highwall’ Mining implant increases mining yield by 1%-5% (depending on the grade of the implant)
  • The Inherent Implants ‘Yeti’ Ice Harvesting implant reduces the cycle time of Ice Harvesters by 1%-5% (depending on the grade of the implant)
  • The Low-Grade Harvest implant set increases the range of your mining lasers by up to 33% (if you have all six implants)

Guideline Bursts

If a member of your fleet is flying a ship that can getraind Mining Foreman Burst modules (e.g. an Orca), they can provide mining bonuses to you on grid, such spil:

  • Mining Equipment Preservation (Mining crystal volatility verzekeringspremie)
  • Mining Laser Field Enhancement (Mining/Survey module range verzekeringspremie)
  • Mining Laser Optimization (Mining Modules: Duration &, Capacitor-use toeslag)

The premie amounts vary based on the relevant abilities of the pilot, the tech level of the instruction burst module ter use, the ship hull bonuses, and related implants.


When using a mining module (eg a mining laser or an ice harvester), the ore/ice/gas is only harvested at the end of the module’s cycle (so if a module mines, for example, 100 m Trio /zoogmoeder of ore, and the module has a 60 2nd cycle time, then at the end of each 60 2nd cycle, 100 m Trio of ore are deposited ter the ship’s cargo or ore hold). Unlike most other active modules te EVE, mining modules can be short-cycled, i.e. their cycle can be interrupted, and a fresh cycle can be begun instantly (most other modules will always accomplish their current cycle before shutting off).

If you short-cycle a mining module, it will deposit an amount of ore te the ship’s cargo or ore hold, proportional to the length of time the module wasgoed active. For example, if the above-mentioned 100 m Trio /minteken mining laser is shut off after 45 seconds (compared to a utter cycle of 60 seconds), it will mine 100 * (45/60) = 75 m Three of ore.

Short-cycling comes te handy when mining asteroids with little ore left ter them. If you used a survey scanner to check how much ore is left, you can short-cycle your mining laser to harvest just that amount of ore, and therefore not waste the surplus of the mining laser’s cycle. This technology becomes particularly useful when using strook miners, spil they have very high yields and long cycle time (and can therefore waste a lotsbestemming of time when mining nearly-empty asteroids). Short-cycling is identically useful when harvesting gas, but should never be used while ice mining (spil ice miners only harvest 1 unit of ice vanaf accomplish cycle, short-cycle your ice harvester, and you mine nothing).

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