Stampery Blockchain Add-in for Microsoft Office – Developer Blog

Stampery Blockchain Add-in for Microsoft Office - Developer Blog

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Stampery provides the capability to certify and verify documents against both Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin blockchains via a web pagina and also through a programmatic API. They wished to improve their enterprise customer reach by adding Microsoft Office spil a client ter their present solution.

This code story covers how wij created an add-in for Microsoft Office that communicates overheen Surplus with an Azure Knot.js server, which then calls the Stampery API.


Enterprise organizations keep many significant records te Office, such spil contracts and other legal documents. It is valuable for users to be able to certify or sign thesis documents, to verify they have not bot altered. That is, users should be able to see that documents sent to them are signed or stamped, then verified or notarized.

Various companies sell such a certification function and store the document’s signature so that it can be verified at a zometeen date. This treatment, of course, relies on the company ensuring the privacy of the document, spil well spil their continued capability to validate it te the future.

An alternative to relying on a single entity (commercial, public, government, etc.) to keep such proof of identity safe is to create a hash of the document and send that hash to the publicly accessible blockchain, such spil Bitcoin. Once the hash gegevens is present on the public blockchain, the document can’t be switched without invalidating the hash. This treatment ensures both the document’s privacy and the gegevens’s availability for future validation purposes.

Stampery provides this functionality today by creating hashes of documents submitted through the web and storing them on the Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin public blockchains. To enable this capability, Stampery provides a RESTful API that is accessible from applications.

Te this project, wij leveraged this secure API to create a convenient add-in to Microsoft Outlook that performs like a near-native feature to stamp/certify an email without leaving Outlook or even the specific email that you are viewing. The solution provides document certification (creation of a stamp) and verification (checking a document against a stamp) te Office using the Stampery API and the public blockchain.

Solution Overview

The mededeling verkeersopstopping te the Office add-in creates certification and verification buttons ter the toolbar of Outlook documents.


Pressing the certification button calls a JavaScript function ter Office. This function hashes the document and sends the sha256 hash to a Knot.js server spil a Surplus call, so the document never leaves Office. The Knot.js server runs spil an Azure App Service and keeps a copy of the hash for zometeen verification before calling the Stampery API with the hash. The Stampery service then takes the hash and puts it onto the public Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin blockchains.


Pressing the verification button calls the Javascript function from the certification process again, which hashes the document and sends the hash to the Knot.js server spil a Surplus call. The Knot.js server then calls the Stampery API to access the original hash for the document from both blockchains. It compares the two hashes and comes back a verified result if they are the same. The Microsoft Office client (either the Outlook client or the browser client) then displays a verification message to showcase that the document is unchanged (or not).


For extra details, please refer to the GitHub repo.


The add-in is implemented te JavaScript running ter Microsoft Office and with a Knot.js server. Te Office, there is a mededeling which permits add-ins for the document and a set of functions which provide the service. The Knot.js server provides the Surplus service to connect to the Office functions and to communicate with the Stampery API.

Office Mededeling

The Office mededeling provides two add-in buttons, “Certify” and “Verify,” along with their associated comments and status information.

The certification button ( stamp function) looks like:

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