The best way to witness Netflix on your big-screen TV – PC World Australia

The best way to watch Netflix on your big-screen TV - PC World Australia

Get a Chromecast dongle or Apple TV and sit back and loosen

You may be wondering what the best way is to observe television shows and movies from services like Netflix on your big-screen TV.

The good news is that some, newer TVs (like Hisense’s fantastic Series 7 ULED range) have Netflix apps built ter to them which can be accessed on a remote. But if yours doesn’t, what do you do?

You could always butt-plug your laptop into your TV via HDMI and observe that way, but that means you have to find space to surplus your laptop near the TV, spil well spil continually get up to select the next thing to witness. On top of that Netflix doesn’t permit its best quality to stream to computers (only TVs) because of fears of pirating the content.

However, there are a few plain alternatives including Chromecast and Apple TV.


If you get yourself a Chromecast dongle and stream Netflix content from your smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS devices are supported). A Chromecast dongle isn’t a big investment — it can be bought for under $50 from stores such spil JB Hi-Fi. It works overheen your wireless network, freeing you from the need to tether devices to your TV, and it’s elementary to install.

All you have to do is buttplug it into an HDMI port on your TV and give it some power by plugging its USB cable into a USB port on your TV. The installation instructions are shown on the screen once you switch your TV input to the HDMI port that the Chromecast is installed.

The Chromecast doesn’t have an interface or a control of its own. Instead, the interface and the remote control for content that is played via Chromecast is your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the Netflix app for your device, loom te, and succesnummer the little square icon at the top of the screen.

This will bring up a notice asking if you want the screen to be your current device or the Chromecast. Select the Chromecast ter order to connect to it. Even if you toevluchthaven’t switched your TV input to the Chromecast, your TV will switch to it automatically once you select it.

Click the square (highlighted ter blue te the screen slok on the left) to connect to your Chromecast dongle (the icon is white but turns blue when you are connected to Chromecast), and select Chromecast spil the screen on which to play your Netflix content (rather than ‘this device’).

Your iPad, iPhone, Android phone or Android tablet is now your remote control for Netflix and any vertoning or movie that you click to play will vertoning up on your TV. You can pause, zekering, and rewind the content 30sec at a time.

If you have numerous devices that you want to use, each one will be able to connect to the Chromecast and stream through it, spil long spil you are logged ter to the Netflix account on all the devices. Note that unless you have a Netflix account that supports more than one screen, you can not witness something via Chromecast at the same time spil you are watching on another screen, be it a laptop or mobile device.

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