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OMG that ghost town metaphor, zuivere gold. However to be fair, it’s rather a zizzing discotheek town (cause all their miners are running hot), but no more guests are welcome, and yes, the monero club voorwaarde be real shitty I suppose.

Lmao, am glad you like the metaphor 🙂

LOOOL at the example of old dude selling u monero

Lmao glad you liked it

with Genisis is the “remuneration toverfee the actual contract? they state it is .83ct?

You?d get paid te bitcoin, litecoin, dash coin, monero coin and zec with monero Two years contract. The choice is yours, my Three % discount 6pws8W soon I?ll purcahse more hashes. Please my code and leave yours spil well! Thank you!

are you getting monero payouts? I attempted to different wallets and nothing is coming into my wallets.. it shows ter genesis that they paid out to the address .. maybe cause I didnt waterput payment ID? I attempted once with payment id it didnt work

Serious only menero is available for mining at genesis

Make up your mind . zekering waffling like an idiot .

Minero is a joke 15 thou takes a year to get back

hello friend i have a quick question about genisis mining, if i embark monero mining so is it posible that genisis mining pay mij ter my bitcoin wallat,, or i have to open wallat ter monero wallate

Oh. ya you can get paid ter bitcoin, litecoin, dash coin and monero. this code will give you Trio % discount 6pws8W

you have to open a Monero wallet

something is up with genesis, they evidently have their own mine hardware but have to wait for contracts? just compare to hashflare who do have their own equipments and they do not run out of sha contracts because they have their own equipments?

Makes sense, so even however they have their own farm they keep running out because they can not get fresh equipment ter time perhaps? with that I think I will commence moving my investments to hashflare and USI

Genesis uses a supplier to buy hardware and hashflare makes there own miners from there main company hashcoins

I am truly blessed with Monero Mining on Genesis. The punt with Genesis is, certain people have 100’s of thousands of subscribers, so they buy out Genesis within days. Nick’s followers buys them all!

cloud mining doesnt even compare to lending platforms. why invest genics?

No offense, everyone to their own, but I’m gonna invest $250 into Chaingroup, X-Bots.

Squinqz my recommendation for you would be to invest that $100 into hashflare SHA-256 contract. You can wagen reinvest your daily earnings, and you’ll get your $100 back ter 62 days. Monero takes Ten months to get your $100 back.

I just didnt understand because if i waterput ter a $100 investment it takes so long to make it back it didnt truly seem worth it.

I realize that its for thicker investors anyways.

Gerard said it ideally, also cloud mining presently has bot more profitable than before so it’s even more worth it.

Thanks for clarifying this for mij, well said.

You can get them for false advertising

Genics, I have a monero contract and it’s not bad. Even for u it’s not bad. If you spent $70 for a Two year contract, you’ll make $1.75 vanaf week at 25 cents vanaf day. $1.75 x 52 = $91 vanaf year, or $182 for a Two year contract, that u spent $70 on. You’ll get overheen 1 year of unspoiled profit.

Meister Propper I have my SHA-256 30 TH/S contract on hashflare. Ter the US it’s the only BTC mining contracts available. You’re right about the ROI, but just reminisce the difficulty will very likely dual next year when the other mining companies commence mining with the fresh ordered hardware.

ok cool, it is good you got a better ROI using the money mining than on hodling

Gerard Alleyne have u attempted bitcoin hashflare mining?

i paid 14000dollar for 100th/s thats 6200dollar a month= te 2-3 months i go even and then im making zuivere profit for the surplus Ten months thats about 60k dollar for free, what u think about that? do u trust hashflare?

atomiccat2002 monero today is $200, if i just bought and held $819 worth of monero, that’s only about Four.Two coins. If I mine monero for 1000 H/s @ $819, I get Five.Two monero te 1 year, and Ten.Four te the Two year contract, if difficulty stays the same. What’s better, buying and holding monero Four.Two monero for Two years, or mining Ten.Four for Two years?

atomiccat2002 that’s an argument about is buying and holding coins, better than mining. My contract right now, doubles the amount of coins I would’ve gotten, if i would’ve just bought and held them, plus I get the added benefit if the coin going up ter value.

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