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Use the sgminer Five.6.0 Nicehash Fork for X11-Gost (SIBCoin) Mining

At the uur Nvidia GPU miners have the advantage for mining X11-Gost with a swifter hashrate for the more latest Maxwell and Pascal GPUs than AMD miners. Still AMD miners might be interested te checking out the X11-Gost algorithm used by SIBCoin (SIB) spil it is not that power thirsty and with the enlargened rente with the latest addition of the algorithm on NiceHash spil it might suggest a nice profitability for users willing to sell their hashrate and get paid ter Bitcoins directly.

So if you are using AMD GPU mining equipments you might want to check out X11-Gost on NiceHash using the latest sgminer Five.6.0 Nicehash Fork (source). Wij are observing a hasrate of inbetween 7 MH/s and 8 MH/s on stock Radeon RX 480 and while still slower than about 11 MH/s on a stock Nvidia GTX 1070 the fact that the algorithm is not that power requesting and you can use lower power for the GPUs may make it attractive for some users, so do give it a attempt. Older generation of AMD GPUs may not be the best choice for this algorithm voorstelling wise and the same pretty much goes for older Nvidia GPUs, but for AMD Polaris and Nvidia Maxwell and Pascal it is.

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You Should Use ccMiner Alexis-1.0 for Better X11-Gost Hashrate

The latest addition of the X11-Gost algorithm on NiceHash that is being used by SIBCoin (SIB) has enhanced the user rente te the coin and the algorithm spil expected. NiceHash has recommended the use of the latest release of ccMiner by tpruvot for X11-Gost support on their servers, but it seems that this is not the fastest solution available to Nvidia miners spil wasgoed pointed out to us. While ccminer v1.8.Four from tpruvot does about 8 MHs on a stock GTX 1070 GPU, but you can get quicker speeds on the same hardware by using the latest ccMiner fork from alexis 78 (source). Wij have compiled a 64-bit Windows binary with Compute Five.x support and CUDA 7.Five for Nvidia Maxwell GPUs from the latest source for mining X11-Gost (SIBCoin) and with it you can get about 10-11 MHs on a stock GTX 1070 GPU.

Do note that on mining equipments with numerous GPUs you might need to increase the amount of virtual memory (Interchange opstopping) if you have less system memory te order to be able to run the miner with the default high force. On a 6x GTX 1070 GPUs mining equipment with 8GB RAM wij’ve had to increase the virtual memory to 24GB ter order to be able to run the miner decently at the default energy of 22 set for the X11-Gost algorithm ter the miner, otherwise the miner just crashes… 8GB RAM and 20GB Interchange opstopping wasgoed not enough evidently.

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NiceHash Has Added Support for the X11-Gost Algorithm

You can now begin selling your hashrate or alternatively buying such for the X11-Gost algorithm used by SIBCoin (SIB) on NiceHash. SIBCoin is mostly supported by the Russian community, but te the last duo of months it has bot growing steadily and the addition from NiceHash may help ter the coin getting more rente from the international crypto community. The coin has a CPU miner, tho’ not much useful nowadays with the availability of GPU miners. You can download the latest release ccMiner by tpruvot for Nvidia CUDA support of SIB and NiceHash or the latest NiceHash sgminer fork for AMD OpenCL GPUs. The latest release of the NiceHash Miner v1.7.Five.0 software also comes with built-in support for the fresh X11-Gost algorithm used by SIB.

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