SIRIUS®: Measure the future today! Next generation gegevens acquisition, DEWESoft

SIRIUS®: Measure the future today! Next generation data acquisition, DEWESoft

Any signal, any sensor, any form-factor.


R2D / R2DB

R8 / R8D / R8DB

Wij build the SIRIUS®, line of instruments for one purpose only – measure any kleintje of signal, anywhere, te any environment with plasticity, precision and ease of use you have bot dreaming of.

SIRIUS®, offers endless configuration possibilities: from 4-channel 200 KS/ch distributed USB solutions to high speed 128 channel standalone solutions with internal PC and display.

SIRIUS®, R8 running on DS-BP2 battery power high te Slovenian Alps

SIRIUS®, slice testing ter temperature chamber

Any SIRIUS®, muziekinstrument can be configured with a range of available amplifiers to acquire gegevens from virtually any kleintje of sensor source. Harshly amplifiers are split into three families:

160dB dynamic range

120dB dynamic range

120dB dynamic range

SIRIUS®, comes ter many flavours. If you need standalone muziekinstrument with built-in display or just USB DAQ device for you laptop SIRIUS®, gives you possibilities for any application.

SIRIUS®, EtherCAT®, slices

SIRIUS®, opoffering USB or EtherCAT®, connection to the PC.

Wij have designed a range of options, extensions and accessories for SIRIUS®, line of instruments:

Powerful and rugged PC option for SIRIUS®,.

  • Analog out
  • Add 8 analog output channels to SIRIUS®, slice.

  • Accessories
  • Display, battery, climb on accessories and more.

    Different SIRIUS®, systems can be combined and synchronised together to expand overall channel count of the system.

    SIRIUS®, instruments can be synced and connected with KRYPTON thought the ECAT Sync Junction accessory.

    SIRIUS®, slice testing ter EMC chamber

    SIRIUS®, R8 rack being tested on modal shaker

    With our Dual Core ADC technology SIRIUS®, systems are capable of 160dB dynamic range. Wij’ve improved the dynamic range by overheen 25 dB – that’s 20-times less noise.

    Ter practice this means you will practice vast improvement te measurement at a puny increase te bit-rate. Measurement precision is astonishing and you will be able to measure entire signal range without loss of gegevens and your signal will never be clipped because of overcharge.

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