If this does not seem to apply, attempt browsing other similar questions.

If this does not seem to apply, try browsing other similar questions.

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Tips to maximize profits

When you’re mining crypto-currency you have to look at the long-term profitability, not only the brief term profitability.

There are two big cases for successful mining by renting hashing power:

  1. For joy. Maybe you like to mine, or want to test the waters to see what crypto currency is all about.
  2. For Profit. You will have to monitor Bitcoin prices, spil well spil fresh altcoins. You will need to keep track of profitability charts for fresh altcoins, look for future and current opportunities ter altcoin mining. Mine when difficulty is low and sell when the price is high. This enables you to successfully navigate profitability. Holding the coins for long periods can also have benefits for long term investment, you could potentially even use thesis coins to purchase goods or items ter the future. Wij have a list of suggested pools that you can use for mining many different altcoins for your rentals here at MiningRigRentals. You can find thesis te the Pools &, Services section.

This is a list of sites that can give you information about profitability te the altcoin toneel.

The equipment is suggesting toegevoegd time or hashrate.

Some equipment owners may attempt to suggest toegevoegd hashrate or time or some other gimmick te their equipment name or description.

This means that if the equipment proprietor does not give said reserve features and you rented that equipment specifically for that, wij can not under any circumstance suggest any compensation for those.

My rental is not working

There can be many factors why your rental is not working.

Please review all your rental information, click Go To Rental ter the equipment’s control screen.

if indicated spil offline please open a toegangsbewijs with us so wij can cancel and refund the rental.

If yor rental’s pool is listed spil Offline , check to see for ", RENTER POOL STATUS ",, review the rentals historical graph for a purple Pool offline caf ,

If your pool is indicated spil offline, please add an online pool to the top of your pool list. Wij reccomend using mrr-pool spil a backup for scrypt, x11, and sha256 equipments.

A pool that you chose for your rental being listed offline liquidates any eligibility for a refund for the time that your pool is offline. It is your responsibility to chose a reputable pool.

If the rental has bot ongoing and there is sill no hash rate, check the equipment’s history. If the equipment shows a history of no hashrate before your rental, then the equipment is not working.

Open a toegangsbewijs with us so wij can cancel and refund the rental.

Please add a different pool, or if you are using more then one pool, attempt moving the pools up ter priority, providing them at least a few minutes to start to work.

You would monitor the hashrate progress through the live hashrate graph to determine this. Also consider using mrr-pool spil a backup for scrypt, x11, and sha256 equipments.

If you cannot get the equipment to hash, please open a toegangsbewijs with us so wij can cancel the rental and kwestie a refund for the remaining time of the rental.

What does YOU WERE NOT CHARGED / Rental Did Not Commence mean on my rental?

This message ",YOU WERE NOT CHARGED", ",Rental Did Not Embark", appearing on your rental pagina after renting means the following:

Spil the message implies, there wasgoed no charge for the rental you attempted. Spil there wasgoed no charge, the rental can not begin for you.

It can also be caused by clicking the pay button more then once, leading to one of your own rental attempts winning out overheen the other. Ter this case, simply look at your My rentals pagina and search for the valid rental.

You can verify that you were not charged for the invalid unpaid rental, by looking at your transaction history, it will not be there.

Rental hashrate is low or discontinuous

The worker difficulty may be too low or too high. Adjust the worker difficulty to obtain the advertised hash rate.

If this does not seem to apply, attempt browsing other similar questions.

You can find the current worker setting assigned by your pool by clicking on the ",Workers", tabulator of the rental.

You can also check for the Suggested difficulty set for your information by the equipment holder, wij reccomend that you go after those suggestions when available.

If your pool does not provide the option to assign worker difficulty vanaf worker then wij suggest checking for a pool that does.

Ultimately this is your responsibility and cannot be switched by the Equipment holder who cannot be held liable for a refund.

Can I purchase a extension on my rental?

You can purchase extended time on a rental by using the ‘Purchase Extension’ button at the bottom of your ongoing rental. Extensions are only available if the equipment holder has not set the equipment to ‘Disabled’ after the rental commenced, and can only be purchased for a combined length up to the maximum available hours listed for the equipment.

This means if a equipment has set the Maximum Hours to 24, and you rented it originally for 12 hours, you may only add up to an extra 12 hours of extended mining time to the rental.

Extensions are processed at the equipments CURRENT price.

Rentals are processed at the equipment’s current price rate. Please be mindful of this, spil a equipment holder may switch the price of their equipment at any time.

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