SOLVED: Left behind password and incapable to loom ter to the laptop – Dell Inspiron 6000

SOLVED: Forgot password and unable to log in to the laptop - Dell Inspiron 6000

Dell has a hardware lock, but I have forgotten the password for my login. Does anyone know how to bypass this?

Is this a good question?

You need to waterput more information about what type of Dell pc you have and what program is installed. If you have Windows XP you have to do a clean install . if you have Windows Vista thru Windows 8.1 all you need to do is a system recovery [ f 11] it will reinstall your rekentuig to it’s original begin up mode. Then you can switch your password . I store all my individual passwords on my cell phone under memo’s that way if I leave behind it there.

a dell 7 schoolgebouw pc

how can you do a clean install when you’re totally locked out?

but its not possible for all dell laptop and wont work on all

i am using DELL windows 8 laptop. i left behind my password to loom te.

how can i get it.

please !&,&,* mij to resolve the punt.

I have sell windows xp &, need to bypass -admin password

How can I do it?

When doing the F11 to reset the rekentuig, do you have the laptop downright powered of and hold the F11 key down and turn the rekentuig on until a certain screen comes up or what? I have a Dell Inspiron mini laptop running windows 7 and I left behind my password. I need to get this set up for my fresh schoolgebouw year.

When doing the F11, are you doing it from the pc being totally off holding down on the F11 while the pc is booting up and until a certain screen emerges or are wij permanently tapping the F11 while it boots up waiting for a screen to come up?

I do not recall my password and need to get my rekentuig reset for the fresh year of schoolgebouw.

I am using a Dell Inspiron mini laptop.

need help to unlock password for dell laptop windows seven

I reset my dell laptop to where I just took it out of the opbergruimte but now I can’t you my password I had. How can I reset my password.

Attempt downloading ActivBoot! It can crack any password, with a plain click! Hope it helps!

Did any of this work for you guys. or are you guys just providing bad advice.

need to unlock a compute

Hi, after having bot updated automatically, the laptop wasgoed restarted but then when typing my password, its telling mij that it is not a good and I’m sure that this is the right password. Do you have any idea what I can do since I do not have any access to the pc since it wasgoed lock and I wasgoed the only user.can anyone help quickly. Thanks a lotsbestemming, Elvina

Hey i have a dell vosta and i foregot my password so now wegens locked out how do i fix that problm

Hi I am using DELL Laptop window 8. I left behind my password to loom ter. How can I get it . Please tell mij. How can I solve this problem

I’ve found away. If you have a Windows XP this will work!! So if u are having problems like I did then listen up! Very first off shut off ur laptop and then loom on if that username and password demonstrate and u left behind the password and username simply turn overheen ur laptop on its back and if u see a little switch press it on !! Then it will stream and be back to normal . Hope u liked it and hope it works for u.

I am using a Dell Windows 7 and left behind my password. I don’t have a diskette so how do I switch my password?

Hi i left behind my password I have a Dell laptop Inspiron 15 and I need to know how I can make it right how can I get my password can you help mij out please

I left behind my password on my Inspiron 15 how can I reset it ?

no problem haha

I’m using a Dell inspiring running windows 7 locked te bios how do I reset the compiter

Im locked out and login to my laptop

I have my Dell laptop, my brother stole it from mij and switched my password. Now I am not able to speak with him. How do I get back onto my laptop?

I’m using a Dell InspirionM731R. I entered the onberispelijk password &, it won’t accept it. Windows Ten. How can I get te? Please help!

So, so sad. My sister died. I truly would like to get into hier Toshiba satellite laptop but can’t figure out hier main password. I don’t want to lose any of hier stuff however. Can anyone help?

i hate it it gets on my nerves

I think its a Dell Inspiron pc. I don’t want to reset it to factory settings. Is there any way to get into the pc when I don’t know my password?

I am using DELL Windows Ten laptop. I left behind my password and now how can i get it.

hi guys i have a dell vostro 1720 havent used it te a while left behind password for windows 7 how do i get round it please heeeelp

Legal Answers

This sounds like a BIOS password to mij. You are going to have to eliminate the CMOS battery or find the BIOS/ATMEL chip to eliminate the password.

There’s going to be Trio ways you can do this. The very first one is just to liquidate the CMOS battery, which will work on most pre 2010 laptops. The 2nd is shorting the BIOS chip or some pads, which is common on ongeveer 2010 laptops.

The third is you will have to brief the ATMEL chip ter the laptop and then boot it to clear the password. However, be warned this can potentially lock the laptop ter tampered mode which may brick it. If it doesn’t lock you out, it will let you know.

I would suggest the CMOS battery very first. It’s the least risky of the Three options.

NOTE: If you are dealing with a ThinkPad, DO NOT Eliminate THE CMOS BATTERY! This will result te the notebook falling back to the SVP. If it has one YOU WILL LOCK YOURSELF OUT OF THE LAPTOP!

Older consumer grade machines typically use CMOS RAM ter the BIOS flash chip, while newer machines (crica 2010) store it ter the BIOS chip using battery backed CMOS RAM that lives ter the BIOS module. This is why you need to mess with the BIOS chip te a lotsbestemming of thesis newer laptops.

On the business models, they use ATMEL chips that are usually encrypted. It’s bot like this since the Dell C series and the 390E for the ThinkPads.


Here is a verbinding on some master passwords. Thesis are all fairly old, so they may not work. If the laptop is newer, the password is based off of a unique number that’s tied to that machine via serial number/service tag rather then a single master password.


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