Top Trio ICOs for 2018 – Bitcoin Market Journal

Top 3 ICOs for 2018 - Bitcoin Market Journal

ICOs were all the rage te 2018, generating major headlines by pulling te millions of dollars’ worth of investor funds.

While this might be good for the founders, the more significant matter may be what investors can learn from the top token sales.

Wij did some research, investigating the most successful ICOs of 2018 to see which factors helped them love excellent prosperity, and then wij used this information to help single out 2018’s top three ICOs.

Analysis Methods

To figure out which ICOs were the most successful, wij viewed thesis token sales through three different lenses.

Very first of all, wij ranked them based on how much total funding they raised.

Then, wij assessed token sales based on the ROI they produced ter 2018.

Ultimately, wij looked at the top three ICOs based on their BMJ QuickScore, a elementary figure designed to quickly measure the trustworthiness of a token sale.

Top ICOs By Funding

When measured ter terms of the total money raised, the number one ICO wasgoed held by Filecoin, a blockchain-based storage network that raised $257 million through its token sale.

The second-most successful ICO wasgoed held by cryptocurrency network Tezos, which raised $232 million.

EOS, a scalable wise contracts toneelpodium, raised more than $185 million te June.

Top ICOs by ROI

Many ICOs managed to draw significant funding from investors te 2018, and some of thesis digital token sales quickly provided their token holders with some very compelling comebacks.

  1. QTUM, an innovative blockchain application toneel, witnessed its tokens surge more than 20,000 procent last year, after debuting at $0.30 and completing 2018 at $62.40.
  2. Santiment, a gegevens feeds toneel, also had an ICO that generated strong comebacks, its tokens climbing close to Two,000 procent te 2018.
  3. Populous, a toneel that leverages the blockchain for invoice discounting, generated a 2018 come back of more than 1,500 procent for its token holders.

Top ICOs by QuickScore

The three ICOs that earned the highest QuickScore ratings of 2018 had not reported their results at the time of this report.

However, it is significant to note that thesis token sales finished up not too long ago (within two weeks for Two of Trio token sales).

  1. DropDeck, a royalty and debt-financing program, had an ICO that generated a flawless score of Five. The token sale for this program ended December 21.
  2. BitDegree, a blockchain-based education program, earned a QuickScore of Four.9. Of the top three, this sale ended most recently, completing up on December 31.
  3. PayPie, which seeks to use decentralized accounting to provide a fair and see-through method for generating credit scores, also earned a QuickScore of Four.9. This sale ended November 15.

Causes For Success

When explaining what helped thesis token sales succeed, a good place to begin is Media Shower’s ICO Manifesto for Founders.

According to this document, the three most significant factors te any digital token sale are:

Several analysts emphasized the importance of thesis key factors, for example, digital currency trader Marius Rupsys noted that the company’s “breakthrough promise” wasgoed significant.


However, more than one analyst also stated that speculation and hype were major reasons why certain ICOs succeeded last year. Rupsys said:

“Most ICOs prices are indeed just speculation, spil most of thesis ICOs did not supply much from product side, traction or any other measurable result except marketing efforts.”

Iqbal Gandham, UK managing director for social trading verhoging eToro, stated that when it came to the most successful token sales, “It wasgoed all PR driven and hype-driven, combined with a good timing of the market.”

Regulatory Compliance

Several analysts emphasized the key role played by regulatory compliance when explaining why certain ICOs succeeded.

One big reason Filecoin’s token sale succeeded wasgoed that it wasgoed a regulatory-compliant ICO that provided access to traditional investors, said Marouane Garcon, managing director of Amulet, a crypto-to-crypto derivatives podium that concentrates on customer success and usability.

“It wasgoed successful because of the investors they targeted,” he said.

Matthew Unger, CEO and Founder of iComplyICO, also emphasized the key role played by regulatory compliance, noting that many of the entrepreneurs holding ICOs te 2018 overlooked this consideration.

However, he anticipates a different climate this year, stating that “we expect to see more projects that take due diligence, legal, compliance, and regulation earnestly.”

Top Trio ICOs of 2018

Keeping thesis considerations te mind, wij have singled out three digital token sales scheduled for this year spil having significant promise.

1) Cypherium, a blockchain toneel that leverages numerous levels of governance, aims to generate a solution that is permissionless and very scalable. The company’s team is made up of former staff of Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. This company has bot making headlines with its desire to make digital currencies more mainstream.

Two) Experty, a voice and video-calling application, seeks to create a decentralized toneel for consultants so they can securely monetize their abilities. The team behind this application states that it wants to alleviate the talent keerpunt that exists within the blockchain community.

Three) RightMesh, which aims to connect people around the world, has developed a toneelpodium that can help identify knots (devices) around the world with Ethereum accounts and then permit them to verbinding to each other. Users will be motivated to share their resources – including internet, gegevens, and storage – through the uitzicht of receiving tokens.


If you are looking to invest ter ICOs during 2018, it is significant to keep ter mind the several key variables that frequently coincide with successful token sales.

While an ICO’s People, Product, and PR are all crucial, thesis offerings can also be driven by factors such spil hype and speculation, spil well spil how effectively a particular sale conforms with existing regulations.

Before investing ter any ICO, it is significant to perform significant due diligence. One good way to conduct this research is by checking our initial coin offerings pagina, where you will find information about such offerings.

Another superb way to get helpful information is to subscribe to the Bitcoin Market Journal newsletter, which contains the latest news and updates on the digital currency space.

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