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Test and Review of the LeaseRig Service Providing Mining Rigs for Rent - Crypto Mining Blog

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LeaseRig is an interesting fresh service that permits you to rent mining equipments for a limited time period that will mine for you ter your preferred pool and your preferred crypto currency for the duration of the lease. There are mining equipments available for Scrypt, SHA-256, Scrypt-Jane, Keccak (SHA-3), Scrypt-A-nFactor and DRKMix (Darkxoin mining). Thesis equipments are provided by users and the service LeaseRig only connects you to the mining equipment providers, processing payments and acts spil control and monitoring panel. Everything seems very quick and effortless to begin using the service if you want to rent mining equipments and there are already fairly a few available, and wij were very excited at very first. This is precisely why wij have determined to give the service a attempt by renting a mining equipment for 24 hours to be able to actually test how things are working and give you adequate terugkoppeling and to make a zindelijk review of the service.

Ter order to test the service wij have determined to lease a smaller mining equipment for longer period of time, so wij choose one that is with 0.62 MHS and have rented it for 24 hour time period. The cost for leasing the equipment for 24 hours wasgoed 0.01070000 BTC (you can pay only ter BTC), and estimating the LTC comeback rate for 24 hours of mining Litecoin with that hashing power wasgoed toughly 0.1945 LTC (0.00485666 BTC). This means if wij used the equipment to mine LTC the profit wij would get will be about half of what wij have payed for renting the mining equipment, so wij have determined to go for the presently more profitable DOGE. The projected mined crypto with that hasrate for a day by the pool (Coinotron) wasgoed about 2600-2700 DOGE or up to about 0.00567000 BTC with the current exchange rate. Again less than what wij have to pay for renting the mining equipment, but wij determined to give it a attempt spil wij were actually willing to test the service… you can find better prices for higher hashrate and with longer lease time you can end up with profit according to calculations.

Everything began very good, the BTC deposit has appeared and wasgoed available for use very quick. Wij have hired the mining equipment, eliminated the equipments default pool settings and set our pool and worker settings for mining DOGE at Coinotron and ter a ogenblik the equipment began working. For a few hours everything wasgoed running slick and problem free, so wij stopped checking the Mining Equipment status every few minutes and a few more hours zometeen wij checked to see if everything is still fine and it wasgoed not. The mining pools and settings were back to the default ones for the mining equipment wij have rented and it wasgoed not mining to our pool (it wasgoed gone from the list of pool) and wasgoed mining for the equipment holder with more than 12 hours left from our contract. This has most likely continued for an hour or two at least before wij have noticed it, wij again switched the pool settings to ours for mining DOGE te Coinotron and have liquidated the default ones. After that going for some sleep and waking up ter the morning and checking the status with just about Two hours more left from our lease the equipment wasgoed again back to the default pools and our mining pool informatie wasgoed not ter the list and it wasgoed not mining for us. This meant that again the rented equipment wasgoed not mining for us for at least a few hours, again setting the decent settings for the remaining time of our contract and there were no more problems until the lease time has finished.

The result from our 24 hour rent of the mining equipment wasgoed indeed awful. Instead for the projected 2600-2700 DOGE getting mined for the lease time, wij ended up with only about half of that actually mined or about 1300 DOGE. This means that due to the two times that our pool settings were gone and the mining equipment wasgoed not mining for spil spil vanaf the contract before us noticing has totaled ter very likely 12 hours. This is indeed unacceptable, even tho’ after our contract has finished wij can still see the leased mining equipment mining for us at the Coinotron pool with a slightly lower hashrate for about an hour already wij are still not blessed at all.

After reading a bit more, it seems that the problem with the pool settings getting reverted back to the default set by the mining equipment technicus can toebijten if you restart the miner on the equipment and you need to by hand reset them to your own settings each time. So if the mining equipment does not get restarted or the miner software on it at least you might not have the problem with the pools reverting back to the possessor of the equipment, but ter hour 24 hour test wij have noticed this happening Two times (maybe even more) and thus resulting ter truly very unsatisfactory voorstelling of the service. You cannot expect the people that rent the equipments to be monitoring them all the time during the lease period, especially if you rent numerous equipments and for longer periods of time te order to quickly react should a problem with the pools reverting form the user set ones to the equipment’s defaults.

The conclusion: wij have began by renting a 0.62 MHS mining equipment for 24 hours paying 0.01070000 BTC, wij have mined Scrypt crypto and more specifically DOGE spil it has higher profitability than LTC and at the end of our lease wij have ended up with the omschrijving of 0.00252630 BTC. So wij actually have payed Four times more than what our actual mining earnings are worth and that is clearly not going to make us recommend the LeaseRig service. Wij have ended up with half of the expected DOGE mined because of a problem with the system that reverts the mining pools to the mining equipment’s defaults instead of using our mining pool and worker, so this has essentially halved our expected earnings. So for now you better not go for the LeaseRig service, until at least they figure a solution to the problem with the pools getting reset. But even without that pool kwestie wij have experienced it is hard to go for a lease of a equipment that will not only voorkant what you have payed for renting it, but will end up with some profit for you! You could actually be more interested te becoming one of the mining equipment providers and earn some specie for leasing your mining equipment equipment, because this actually seems more profitable than to be renting equipments.

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