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Looking for low to mid range budget equipments.

Don’t even think about bitcoin mining, all you will be doing is wasting money on hardware, mining, and end up further ter the fuckhole since you won’t pauze even with power costs.

With ethereum its fine, even tho’ there are some more profitable coins

Indeed? You’re gonna be building a mining PC, and all you’re doing is a waste of money and power?

How is it a waste?

Mining requires numerous GPUs and a low power CPU, because it involves decoding hash strings. Essentially all of that GPU power is being used for nothing.

How is it being used for nothing if it is profitable?

What I meant wasgoed, why is the OP doing this because, despite being profitable, mining requires a substantial amount of money. It is also is the driving factor ter the unbalanced GPU market (Radeon cards are better at mining than Nvidia, )

It can pay for itself quickly enough, and part of the idea ter mining is that you don’t convert all earned cryptocurrency into metselspecie, te hopes prices of it will skyrocket (imaging having mined several bitcoin te 2011 and kept them)

The profit is so low now with GPU mining that you won’t make money when you factor te power cost.

Which is why I have mine set up at work te a wc no one goes into! /s

I bet that is illegal

with Trio of the PSUs, and spil many Vega 56s (Pay no more than $420 for them) spil you can afford (don’t buy more than 8 now, get three more ter the future). Zometeen, you can add whatever Volta’s successor to the 1070 is, and essentially have Two mining setups.

Make sure to undervolt the GPUs and OC the memory (or just buy custom-built bioses for a few dollars)

(don’t buy more than 8 now, get three more te the future)

Its going to take a lotsbestemming more than a 850W to power that.

Had the wrong PSU selected. The motherboard has three 24-pin connectors, and is designed to work with (spil I stated) three PSUs.

Vega 56s don’t actually use much power when undervolted. People got the 64 to 130w while still mining superb.

Had the wrong PSU selected. The motherboard has three 24-pin connectors, and is designed to work with (spil I stated) three PSUs.

Missed that. Three 850W’s would be slew for 8 56’s.

But thesis Quarks are similarly priced and are actually pretty good, and the houtvezelplaat supports up to Nineteen GPUs, so getting Trio 1000s would be a bit safer

Didn’t see the edit, quarks will certainly work good for this if you can get them at a good price.

Also OP if you want to go this crazy I would strongly suggest having a electrician coming out and have them make sure that your outlet can treat this much wattage( it can most likely only do 1800W at the max) and if it can’t do whatever upgrades are needed for it. You don’t want to the breaker to roll every time you attempt to mine or to burn your house down if you go the lazy route of just having a thicker breaker installed.

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