Genesis Mining Reviews, Read Customer Service Reviews of

Genesis Mining Reviews, Read Customer Service Reviews of

Genesis Mining

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Matthias Rhinow

Around 50% of the days NO Payout

Around 50% of the days NO Payout. Also payout does not reflect the real Hashpower of my 3000H/s XMR contract. Whenever I waterput it te any mining calculater, results should be higher. if they would payout. Clearly a scam and I doubt the even truly mine.

Also their poor webpagina does not vertoning real payouts, only a calculation of what goes te your balance, but not the balance itself and not the real payouts. So you never truly know what is te and what you earn. otherwise you would clearly see how the SCAMM you.

Wij all know , most Cloudmining is scam, but until last year Genesis wasgoed more or less legit. Now they take it all and leave you without real working support. SCAMMERS. AVOID GENESIS AT ALL COSTS.

Karel Janssen

Don’t have time for their customers…

Don’t have time for their customers only for branding and advertisement. Waiting already Five months for my very first payout after writing several messages! Customer service is not good, you have to wait indeed long before your problem is being answered, let alone being solved! After asking my money back they refused to give mij a refund since they explained that this money is invested te their infrastructure (which doesn’t seem to work). I spil a customer feel scammed because I invested my money te this and never spotted anything ter terugwedstrijd, only some thoughtfull emails on that they are working on the problem. Recall, this is not my problem but yours so please give mij a refund spil soon spil possible, I am done.

Sebastian Eijpe

Genesis mining is a scam

Genesis mining is a scam. Invested €500 te august 2018 te Dash. I am earning 0,35ct a month if they pay out at all. Customer supprt does not response questions.

Jean-Armand Figeac

GM not a scam. But a lack of ressources/customer support/. Do something please

Commenced the contract ter mid November 2018.

Waited for 30 days for transaction/credit card to be confirmed (Fair enough..)

Then I wasgoed able to track the daily crypto incoming on their webstek -mid december-mid january (Very good)

Then nothing. nothing. nothing.

(few emails pushing, ",wheres is my crypto?", *Four ). 1 Excellent response from a stud there, ter 30 minutes.

Then, today 3rd April, still with a mere 0.Four XMR on my GUI wallet.

Honestly, 1000$ is still a ge amount of money. If you can’t treat it decently, admit it before sending us an email spil soon spil wij signed the contract stating ",HEY, how would you grade your investment??",

I very doubt GM is a scam, but guys HIRE people, to response our requests.

Customer Service remind mij calling for internet services Ten years ago!!

Maybe, it the actual status of crypto atm.

Dave Burlington

This is the WORST cloud provider.

This is the WORST cloud provider.

I have contracts with Hashflare, Minergate, and Genesis. Only Genesis seems to have problems. I toevluchthaven’t had payouts or recorded transactions for my ETH or XMR contracts ter well overheen a month. I am missing at least 1 XMR ter payouts (last one wasgoed early Feb). Do NOT do business with them – totally a nightmare. Loterijlot’s of excuses about ",IT looking into it",. Evidently they aren’t doing much.

Honey A

Genesis Mining Deep throats

Bot with Genesis Mining for exactly one year now, bought $6800 worth of hashing power for Ether, Monero and Dash.

Always missing payouts and what little they do pay I will be fortunate to get maybe 20% of my $6800 back.

I gedistilleerd the Kool-Aid from Marco Streng BTW superb salesman but crappy company, PLEASE DO NOT INVEST Ter GENESIS MINING! YOU WILL FOR SURE LOSE YOUR MONEY! Worst decision I everzwijn made.

Kesha Storm

I have bot with Genesis mining from…

I have bot with Genesis mining from September 2018. Beginning 1st Febuary 2018 I toevluchthaven’t receive no payout for Etherum ter my ETH wallet. Also I am so tired of writing customer service to address my payout for both Zcash and especially Etherum. I attempt to check my account regullary but the minute I dont check, I have overheen Ten missisng payout and each payout requires an indivual toegangsbewijs. When I submit tickets, there are close instantaneously without resolving the kwestie. At this time I would not recommend this company to anyone. Ter the begging this company I had no punt but lately it has bot bad with payouts. Tired of reporting to customer service spil my issues are not resolve. I Still didnt get no payout. Avoid if you can! spil for mij am stuck te a Two year contract. Once my contract finishes, am never going back.

Do not invest!

– Too long wait for payout (not even sure if I everzwijn will receive any payout)

– Missing payouts, there are massive gaps inbetween dates where no payouts have bot made. (i.e. added to your invisible?? balance)

– Customer service keeps responding with the same bullsh*t every time but no real solutions are given.

Paul Irvin

To Genesis Mining.

To Genesis Mining.

you don’t give mij daily payout figures for XMR for Two months now, you paid mij 0.Four XMR 12 days ago that still hasn’t arrived, 6 tickets and all you reply it IT is checking it, refund my bloody money or pay mij my XMR, you could check the blockchain ter Two mins and pay mij but still you don’t, you are not a fair organisation.

Alex Bolkhovitinov

Stay away of Genesis Mining.

I am two and a half months with the Genesis Mining. Invested $4000, terugwedstrijd – $356 ($140 vanaf month), it drops rapidly until stops entirely. It looks like a total scheme. Not translucent, no balance informatie, no payouts for a week. They can zekering their support any time and you do not have any traces. Stay away.

Mario Modena


Time and again, the daily yield is not reported. The payout is sporadic and difficult to track. Support seems to have recognized the problem for months, but it is not solved.

Martin Thomsen

Fed made at tjene ekstra paps

Fed made at tjene ekstra vader, uden at skulle kobe udstyr selv. ",Desv?rre", meget popul?rt, sa pt. kun muligt at ",mine", Ether &, Zcash (Jeg miner Ether) . Hvis du bruger denne kode: C1oUX0 far du Three % rabat vader dit mining projekt 🙂

Use this code: C1oUX0 if you want Trio % discount for your mining project 🙂


They opoffering cheap ways to get into…

They suggest cheap ways to get into mining which takes advantage of those fresh to crypto. Because fees keep enhancing and they have a ondergrens payout, you may never actually see anything get deposited into your account.

Ed Stow


STAY AWAY FROM GENESIS MINING. It is a total scam. They will steal your money. Their support is a fantasy. It does not exist! I cannot believe the Icelandic Government permits this scam to run loosely ter their country.

Robert Chapin

I began with Genesis te June 2018.

I embarked mining with Genesis te June of 2018. I mine ETH and BTC. The BTC mining has bot pretty good, payouts are regular and for the most part on time. The ETH mining, totally different story. It has bot a nightmare. Customer Service is non-existent. It takes days or weeks or sometimes no response at all. I have missing ETH payments from all of their problems ter August 2018. It has bot overheen 6 months and it took mij three months of asking for an update before they replied and said ",IT is still working on the problem, be patient", huh? 6+ months! Presently no ETH payments from Feb 9 2018 to Feb 20 2018. Support replied fairly quickly (I wasgoed astonished) and said your payments are still totaling to your balance (even tho’ you can’t see it) and when you meet our ondergrens payout threshold (.075 ETH) it will be sent to your wallet. Well that is false. Becauae if I waterput low-end estimate te for those days (9th through 20th) I am way overheen the threshold. Spil of today Feb 28th, I should have .092+ banked and no payout. I wrote back and told them and they said they would let IT know and then closed the toegangsbewijs. I wrote back and said ",why are you closing the toegangsbewijs if it is outstanding?", No reply, but if I go into open tickets it shows spil open, so they are reading, but not replying. The customer service is awful. With the increase is difficulty I don’t see how any fresh investor could possibly get their money back. Genesis-mining is on borrowed time. I rigidly believe that it wasgoed legit when I commenced, but now believe it is turning into a Ponzi scheme. They are selling fresh contracts that don’t commence mining until months into the future. Two starlets because BTC mining has bot okay, ETH would be negative starlets if I could, and because I believe turning onto Ponzi scheme.


Recommended for sure

Recommended for sure. its the one of the legit cloud mining out there.

Arindam Sinha

You might get half your investment back if fortunate

I spent $600+ (then approx .14 BTC) for Ether and Monero mining. The initial daily payouts talent mij some hope that I might get back about 20% comes back on the Two year contract. But then the payouts began dwindling rapidly on regular onderstel (excuse difficulty increase) where the daily payout has already become about 1/10th of initial payouts overheen 6 months. Some daily payouts are regularly missing however the company says it is actually getting paid out but not reported on instrumentenbord (unlikely to check because they don’t give a total of all payouts anywhere). I will be fortunate to get half my investment back. Should have just kept my BTC. The company is surely making geysers of money using other peoples’ investments, but not sharing the gains with the investors. It’s a scam

Robert Saddleton

Permanently missing daily payments

Permanently missing daily payments, still waiting for the initial payment of 1.Two xmr after 3o odd days and fobbed off when the customer service replies. Recently told that the 1.Two xmr wasgoed sent on the 20th of September. There is no transaction hash to view (only a duplicate copy of the 19th’s daily payout). When asked to prove that they had sent the transaction into the blockchain the stupid service rep said they couldn’t ", but you should still have it",!! Seeking legal advice overheen their fraud and am presently a brief flight from Hong Kong. The daily payouts are so puny now ( but missing for Ten days) that the contract will not even last Two years. Go after all the advice and DO NOT invest.

Igors Stadniks

Absolutely rubbish service

Absolutely rubbish service. I hate myself I waterput money ter this worthless cloud mining. Do not waste money. Avoid tnis scam.

Zeta Bocio

Terrible customer service.

Terrible customer service.

Always have to be fighting with them overheen missing payouts, and it take weeks, not day before you can get an response.


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