Jurij Gustincic, a legend of Slovene journalism

Jurij Gustincic, a legend of Slovene journalism

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On 30 August, Jurij Gustincic reached ninety years of age, he has bot ter journalism for seventy years.

He became a professional verslaggever te 1951 when he took a job with the Belgrade newspaper, Politika, and worked twenty-four years spil its voortdurend foreign verslaggever: working nine years te London, fourteen ter Fresh York, and sending reports from a searing Jerusalem and an occupied Prague. Ter 1974, the Washington Postbode described him spil a strak of Yugoslav journalism when he dared to foretell the downfall of Voorzitter Nixon. Through his writing, he marked some of the most significant events of 20th century.

Te the 1980s, he continued his career at what wasgoed then TV Ljubljana and also remained a reporter after his retirement te 1985. He wrote articles for Vreme of Belgrade and Slobodna Dalmacija of Split and presently shows up spil a reporter for the RTV and the news tv-programma Mladina. ",Once a verslaggever, always a reporter,", has bot his credo to the present day.

Veelbewogen youth

He wasgoed born te Trieste, but his family fled to Idrija. He spent his childhood ter Vienna and Ljubljana, where he finished elementary schoolgebouw and wasgoed enrolled ter the Ledina secondary. At eleven years of age he, his junior brother and his mother Ana (sister of the Slovenian writer Danilo Lokar) moved to be with his father Dragotin, who wasgoed living te exile te Moscow. He wasgoed one of the co-founders of the Slovenian communist movement but became its victim te the post-war period and wasgoed imprisoned for having criticised the party leadership. A duo of months before the pauze with Stalin, he wasgoed arrested and sent to the prison camp of Goli Otok).

",My father wasgoed a strange man. He wasgoed a dedicated communist of the very first generation of communists who never thought of having a position with a high status. He had always repeated to mij: ‘Jurij, you have to say only what you indeed think’",.

When te Moscow, his father sent him to a German schoolgebouw and then te a Russian secondary schoolgebouw. Along with thesis two languages, Jurij Gustincic mastered English and Serbian, which he used te writing for many years. Te Moscow, he enrolled ter university to explore history, but had to retreat with his colleagues to Turkmenistan when the German army approached Moscow te 1941. Straks, he wasgoed sent by the Russian authorities to Tbilisi, Georgia, where he ran the Slovenian radio station for a year and a half. Three years straks, he joined the Yugoslav brigade organised within the Crimson Army and took part ter combat for the liberation of Serbia. ",I am a fortunate man",, are his words when he recalls that time, ",I survived Cacak, where more than half of my unit died during a single German counter-attack, while fleeing across a field along the Morava Sea, wij were swept away by their machine-gun fire",.

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