After all profiles have bot added, use the UP and DOWN arrows to reorder the pool priority.

After all profiles have been added, use the UP and DOWN arrows to reorder the pool priority.

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Getting Embarked: Basics

FAQ: User Account

Getting Began: Tutorials

Getting Embarked: Basics

Getting Commenced: For Renters

Getting Embarked: For Equipment Owners

Getting Embarked: Tutorials

How to Rent your very first equipment

Learn how to rent your very first equipment by watching this user submitted tutorial movie

How to add connect your equipment and embark leasing it to renters

Learn how to rent your very first equipment by watching this user submitted tutorial movie

Pool Management for Rentals

Pool Management for Rentals

Pool Management consists of two parts at MiningRigRentals: Dearest Pools and Pool Profiles .

Dearest Pool – An individual record of a mining pool credentials.

Beloved Pools are REQUIRED

Pool Profiles – A set of Dearest Pools that share the same algorithm type.

Pool Profile are not required BUT will likely make your mining practice much lighter.

Saved Pool Requirements

Before you create a Beloved Pool, you voorwaarde gather the following information from the pool provider:

Hashing Algorithm – Click HERE to view presently supported Hashing Algorithms.

Host – Server endpoint supplied by your pool provider.

Pool Hosts are typically supplied using the following format:

Presently, MiningRigRentals only supports stratum+tcp:// pools.

Pool Username – Depending on the pool, the username may be a Destination Wallet or a Username.

Wallet Example: Ae9TJzgua3xQzRChsaTJAtqJYXGQa2WEYZ.mrr

Username Example: nickganga.mrr

Note: The suffix .mrr is used to identify the worker on the pool. Pool support may vary for this feature. Please check with your pool for compatibility.

Pool Password – Depending on the pool, this field may or may not be necessary.

Some pools permit you to set variables (such spil difficulty) via the password field.

Check with your pool technicus for variable support ter the password field.

Create a Saved Pool Configuration

After you have gathered the Pool Information (spil described above), it&rsquo,s time to create the pool record.

After logging into the MiningRigRentals webpagina, access the Druppel DOWN spijskaart from your USERNAME ter the top right corner and choose Dearest Pools .

From the Saved Pool Configuration window, choose the green Add a Pool button.

Using the information gathered te the previous step ( Saved Pool Requirements ) finish the Saved Pool Profile.

Ter this example, I am creating an entry for mining ZCash on Suprnova.

After completing all the required pool fields, choose Save .

You will now see the freshly created Pool te the list.

Congratulations, you have just created your very first Saved Pool Configuration!

Failover Pools

It&rsquo,s very significant to define AT LEAST Two Pool Endpoints for each pool.

Generally, pool operators have numerous Pool Endpoints ter numerous geographic regions.

Embarking from the example from above ( Creating a Dearest Pool ), repeat the process to create extra Pool Endpoints.

Create a Profile Configuration

After creating at least Two Pool Profiles, wij can combine two or more Saved Pool Configurations to create a Pool Profile.

Navigate to Profiles:

From the Saved Pool Configuration pagina, choose the blue Profiles button.

From anywhere else, access the Druppel DOWN spijskaart from your USERNAME te the top right corner and choose Pool Profiles .

From the Saved Profile Configuration pagina, choose the green Create Fresh Profile button.

Provide a name to describe your Saved Profile Configuration, define the hashing algorithm and choose Save .

Ter this example, I am creating a ZCash Profile for Suprnova.

Now that a fresh Saved Profile exists, add all adequate Pool Configurations (created above) to the Saved Profile.

Note: Only Saved Pool Configurations that match the Saved Profile Configurations will show up ter this list.

After all profiles have bot added, use the UP and DOWN arrows to reorder the pool priority. This profile will failover following the order defined here.

Congratulations, you have just created your very first Saved Profile Configuration!

Extra Notes

Profile Configurations can contain pool profiles from different pool operators spil long spil the hashing algorithm is the same.

Connecting your very first equipment to MiningRigRentals

Connecting your very first equipment to te Ten effortless steps!

Before getting embarked you will need the following items:

-Select an algorithm to mine on your hardware

-Mining software for your selected algorithm and hardware

-Select a pool for use when your equipment is not rented (Ondergrens 1 but Two or more is preferred)

-Connection information for your selected pool(s)

Table of contents

Click Create fresh Equipment

Come in Equipment information

Come in Pool configuration

Inject Equipment Description

Step Four: Inject Equipment information

The following window will show up

You will come in a descriptive name for your mining equipment spil well spil its hashrate. But be sure to inject the onberispelijk measurement units for your equipment&rsquo,s hashrate

b. Next select the algorithm that your equipment will mine on. Be sure to select the one that is adequate for your hardware and software combination

c. Next choose the server that is located closest to your physically.

d. After that, select your pricing option. A value of yes will choose a competitive market value based on other rentals. No will require you to come in your price by hand. If you are uncertain you can leave it on automatic. Once you are pleased with all the entries, click &lsquo,Create Fresh Equipment&rsquo,.

Now you will edit the settings and pool information for your equipment. Click the &lsquo,Edit&rsquo, button

Step 6: Inject Pool configuration

At this point you will be adding pool information, so make sure that you have that information ready. At the top of the screen, click &lsquo,Pool Configuration&rsquo,

b. Next click &lsquo,Add Pool&rsquo, to add your very first pool. Here you will see how to by hand add a pool.

c. You will come in the connection information spil goes after:

Pool Host: This will be the host:port of the pool you want to mine on when your equipment isn&rsquo,t rented

Workername: is whatever worker name you have configured on your pool. Sometimes this will be ter &lsquo,WALLET_ADDRESS.workername&rsquo,, other times it will be &lsquo,USERNAME.workername&rsquo,

Password usually is defaulted to &lsquo,x&rsquo, unless you have configured it otherwise

d. When you are done, click save

e. Your pool will now demonstrate up on the &lsquo,Pool Configuration&rsquo, pagina:

f. , if you have a backup pool, you can add that spil well. If not, proceed to step 7. Here you will see how to add a pool that has already bot saved on mining equipment rentals. Click &lsquo,

g. Then from the window click the &lsquo,Select Existing Pool&rsquo, dropdown and choose the pool you wish to use:

h. Once you choose it, the information will automatically populate and then you may click &lsquo,Save&rsquo,

i. On this screen you will now see however many pools you entered. You can switch the priority using the up and down arrows on the right mitt side. Once you are sated you may proceed to step 7.

Step 7: Inject Equipment Description

Here you will add a description to your equipment. This will help describe your equipment to potential renters. Use something that will assure your potential renters that your equipment is right for them. From the top navigation drankbuffet click equipment settings

b. From the spijskaart options on the right half of the Equipment Settings screen, click the orange &lsquo,Equipment Description&rsquo, button

c. Inject your description te the text opbergruimte and then click the green &lsquo,Update&rsquo, button

At this stage you are ready to connect the miner. At the top left, click the &lsquo,Connection information&rsquo, tabulator.

b. You will be introduced with something similar to the following:

c. There are two significant lumps of information to locate from the above text. Number 1: The server address/port number. Number Two: The username to connect with. Te the above example the server url/port is:

And the username is:

Thesis two chunks of information will be used to connect the equipment to MRR. Now it is time to locate your miner software mentioned ter the prerequisites section. Once there, you will need to create a *.bat (batch) opstopping te order to begin your miner. This can be done by opening notepad, or any other text editor. Inwards you will inject the instructions used to begin the mining software and tell it where to connect (MRR). Most miners use similar syntax such spil the following

(EWBF&rsquo,s ZCash CUDA Miner)

Take note of the server/port te crimson and the username ter blue , this shows different examples of different miners using the same information te different syntax.

d. Te the case of this example, wij will be using the very first example. So inject your pertinent information into notepad. Then click File->,Save Spil

e. Switch the &lsquo,Save spil Type&rsquo, dropdown to &lsquo,All files&rsquo,

f. And erase the &lsquo,*.txt&rsquo, te Verkeersopstopping name and come in &lsquo,commence.bat&rsquo,. Ensure that the path is pointing to the same folder spil your mining software and klapper save

g. Once that is done, you are ready to test the connection. Open the folder containing the miner and the batch opstopping you just created and dual click the commence.bat opstopping. Once you see it connected to MRR and your pool and it has begun hashing you can leave it alone for now.

h. If you get an error or something doesn&rsquo,t work, dual check the syntax for your mining software and be sure you used the juist server, port and username from MRR.

i. After a few moments, under the &lsquo,Workers&rsquo, tabulator on your equipment configuration pagina, you should see your worker&rsquo,s connection and its hashrate. This verifies that everything is working and your equipment is te fact connected decently.

j. You can use this section, spil well spil the live hashrate section to monitor your equipments and make sure they are performing the way you want them to.

Now you are ready to price your equipment. Click the &lsquo,Pricing&rsquo, tabulator at the top left of the equipment configuration screen

b. Here you can price your equipment a duo of different ways. With automatic pricing, your equipment will be priced automatically based on other available equipments of the same algorithm. If you select no, you will need to inject a price by hand. Note the error on the bottom of the price screen telling that the ondergrens rental price is too low. This means that you either need to adjust the ondergrens hours to rent (on the settings pagina) or you need to adjust the Price vanaf KH Day. Spil you can see below, the error vanishes when you modify the price to meet that criteria:

c. Additionally, there are LTC and ETH tabs, which permit you to control whether or not you accept those currencies spil payment for your rental.

d. Choosing to enable thesis currencies permits you to accept them spil payment. The wagen pricing option, if enabled, just converts your BTC price into the respective currency using the GDAX conversion rate. If you select no, then you will need to by hand inject the LTC or ETH price.

e. Once you are pleased with the entries te the pricing section, click

Step Ten: Update Availability

The final step is to mark your equipment spil available. To do this, click the &lsquo,Settings&rsquo, tabulator at the top, and then switch the dropdown from &lsquo,Unavailable&rsquo, to &lsquo,Available&rsquo,

b. Switch it to this:

c. Then scroll down and click . Congratulations! You have listed your very first equipment on!

Pool Profiles Tutorial

Learn how to use our Pools and Profiles feature by viewing this movie wij made.

Related movie: Como minerar Litecoin pelo Minergate


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