Bitcoin Merge Mining Pool

Bitcoin Merge Mining Pool

bfgminer Stratum: ./bfgminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u myuserid -p anything cgminer Stratum with beginning difficulty 16: ./cgminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u myuserid -p anything –suggested-diff 16 cgminer using TOR Stratum: usewithtor ./cgminer -o stratum+tcp://phkttm64gbquasaq.onion:3333 -u myusername -p anything

Can I use rental services to mine here?

Yes, rental services have bot used successfully to mine at mmpool.

How can I adjust the difficulty I mine at?

Difficulty is automatically adjusted by the pool based on the number of share submissions made. It starts at 65535 and adjusts up or down overheen time. With cgminer you can set a suggested beginning difficulty using the “–suggested-diff” argument if 65535 is too high or low. It will automatically adjust up or down from there.

What password do I use?

The password is disregarded and can be set to anything.

When do I get paid bitcoins?

Part of the prize is paid out spil Pay Vanaf Share (PPS). This amount is available for withdrawal instantly. The surplus is paid out using the Dual Geometric Method (DGM) and this is paid out when a block is found. This depends on pool hash rate.

Does the pool support access via TOR

Yes, the pool runs a hidden service on phkttm64gbquasaq.onion. You can access the webstek and mine on stratum using this service.

Why does blockchain.informatie display more blocks mined by this pool than the pool shows?

blockchain.informatie is inaccurate with regards to the pool they identify spil finding a block. See this document explaining why this is the case and how to identify real pool blocks.

How do I switch my coin addresses?

Coin addresses cannot be switched. They are immutable to prevent accounts from being hacked and switched. This means you voorwaarde have access to the private key for your address or trust that any technicus of services you use to hold your keys won’t switch them.

If it is required to switch the keys for an absolute emergency you can voeling the admins to start a process of authenticating that you own the account. Don’t expect this to be prompt or effortless. Plans are underway to add a standard account system for those users that choose to have control overheen switching their keys.

What is the DGM prize method?

The Dual Geometric Method is a prize system developed by Meni Rosenfeld. It aims to solve the issues caused by pool hopping while providing a prize system where variance is not too high for users and pool operators.

Some features to note of DGM:

  • Your earnings work like a capacitor. When you begin mining it needs to charge so initial earnings are lower than expected. When fully charged they reach a normal level of earning. When you zekering mining you proceed to receive earnings until it is discharged. The end result should be omschrijving to PPS.
  • Payments are made to your balance when a block is found. If the round is brief you may get more than the PPS rate. If a series of long rounds occurs then your payments may be less than PPS. Overall it will average out .
  • The risk to the pool is much lower making it more likely to sustain while balancing with low variance for miners. Thesis parameters (more risk to pool, less to miners) can be tweaked and wij can adjust it overheen time.

What are the obfuscated usernames ter the statistics?

The usernames ter all the statistics are obfuscated to prevent effortless guessing. They are the very first 8 characters of the SHA256 of the username. You can see what your obfuscated name is te the user stats and use this to identify yourself ter the statistics.

Can I get notification of hash rate drops or fresh blocks found?

This is available by the third party service bitmonitor.

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