Bitmain L3 Litecoin Miner Scrypt Test

Bitmain L3 Litecoin Miner Scrypt Test

Bitmain L3+ Litecoin Miner Scrypt Test

Ter December 2018 Bitmain launched L3 Litecoin miner, just three months forthcoming L3 + upgrade version

Litecoin is the 2nd largest virtual currency

Bitmain L3 + specifications:

1. The machine is power: 504 m/S

Two. The wall power: 800 w + / – 10% (APW3-1600 watts of power supply, AC/DC 93% efficiency, 25 ℃ ambient temperature)

Three. The efficiency of power supply: 1.6 J/MH + / – 10% (on the wall, AC/DC 93% efficiency, environmental temperature of 25 ° C)

Four. Input voltage: 11.6

Five. Chip quantity: 288 PCS

6. The number of operation te the appliance plate: Four PCS

7. Appearance size: 352 mm (L) * 130 mm (W) * 187.Five mm (H)

8. The weight (including packaging) : Four.Four kg

9. The working temperature: 0 ℃ and 40 ℃

Ten. Work humidity: 5% RH to 95% RH, the condensation

11. The network connection: Ethernet

12. The noise: 75 db

13. The power supply connection mode: it is recommended to use the independent power supply to the machine power supply, the independent power supply situation, four work force houtvezelplaat can be connected to a different power supply, but each force houtvezelplaat can’t connect to numerous power supply, and ensure the work force houtvezelplaat eventually electro-stimulation.

Let dig next currency petite make up take you to practice the L3 + Miner

Out of the blasting according to:

, spil usual, industrial packaging, five layer corrugated carton packaging, packaging logistics warehousing logo, product codes, opened the package with special inwards EPE pearl cotton mill and bubble wrap package, transportation security ensure mining machine, opbergruimte comes with instruction te English.

Miner size: 465 mm * 215 mm * 305 mm

Features EPE Zhenzhu Mian Packing

Features EPE Zhenzhu Mian Packing

L3 + product total details of the picture

The top of the picture, you can see the figure on the left there is a control panel, the control panel has a 6pin port power interface, the right side of the Four HASH houtvezelplaat, each lump of the HASH houtvezelplaat Two 6pin port power interface,

All of thesis power interfaces are powered up

Just above the details of the photo, production coding control houtvezelplaat

Positive pui view

Network cable interface

Status indicator (green state work, crimson exception)

Zoom te and look at the details of the picture

Liquidate the air inlet fan, wij can see four fortune boards

APW5-12-2600-A2 power supply, 2600W power supply

This test uses the device

APW5-12-2600-A2 power supply

Power peettante – measure the power level during operation

Temperature gun – measure the runner temperature

Noise peettante – measure the noise level during operation

Here wij embark the installation test

Connected to the power supply, the power supply through the power peettante connection, the arithmetic houtvezelplaat control houtvezelplaat a total of 9 6pin port all connected, pay attention to APW5-12-2600 power switch is not connected to power instantaneously run.

Connect the Internet cable, the other side connected to the router

All connected good effect ordner

Turn on the power, begin running the miner, boot takes some time, the boot process will be a superb voice, running up the sound smaller

Boot time takes 1-2 minutes, when the miner lights turn green code miner normal commence work

Normal work, light green

Wij have to look at the miners, very first of all wij have to find this machine ip address, there are two ways:

1. Through the ip scanning device,

Two. Inject the router to find the equipment is being networked (ant equipment generally recognized spil antminer),

Wij use a relatively elementary way to find the router

Find the L3 + ip address, wij come in the ip address te the browser to visit, after a successful connection, it will prompt the login password is root root

Console huis pagina

After login is successful

And Bitcoin mining are familiar with the background management system

Huis Demonstrate Miner Overview information, wij can see Miner prototype Antminer L3 +

Switch to the Miner Configuration tabulator to configure miner information

There are three mine information here, the 2nd third is a spare miner when pool1 can not work decently will automatically switch to pool2 mining

Wij configure the mine to the ant official mine (

Tooled to restart the mine

Restart mij to switch to Miner Status tabulator to see mine working status

This pagina will voorstelling the time of the mine’s fortune state, the pool connection state, the reliability of the working state of the houtvezelplaat (L3 + there are four arithmetic plate, each lump of information will be displayed), there are fan speed information

Pre-run noise test

The interior noise test wasgoed 52 dB before running

Figure – running noise 1m

Figure – running noise within 5m

5m noise test results 65.1 dB

After running sleekly, wij look at the power peettante

775.99W, the official power of 800W, below the official power

Look at the background from time to time

At this time the fortune is 503MH / S official webstek parameters 504MH / S basically almost

The background to see the arithmetic plate temperature 53-63 range

Wij use a temperature gun to test the temperature of the air inlet

Test results 44.9 ° C

The pool is connected to the ants and the pool runs for 12 hours and looks at the 12-hour operation

12 hours average arithmetic force ter 520MH / S or so

Ants mining machine L3 + has always continued the excellent quality of ants mining machine, plain configuration, stable operation, efficient and low power consumption

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