Cloud 9 (2014 speelfilm)

Cloud 9 (2014 film)

Cloud 9 is a 2014 sports schouwspel romance television speelfilm directed by Paul Hoen and written by Justin Ware, Don D. Scott and Katie Wech. It starlets Dove Cameron, Luke Benward, Kiersey Clemons and Mike C. Manning. The filmrolletje is set ter the world of competitive snowboarding. [Two] [Three] The very first promo aired on November 29, 2013 during the premiere of “Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas”. The speelfilm premiered on January 17, 2014 spil a Disney Channel Original Movie. It wasgoed viewed by Four.96 million viewers during its original premiere. [Four] [Five]

  • January 17, 2014 ( 2014-01-17 )


Snowboarder Kayla Morgan (Dove Cameron), the best damsel shredder te Summit Valley, competes ter a snowboarding challenge and wins for the ladies’ division. With hier Swift snowboarding teammate/bf, Nick Swift (Mike Manning), who is also the son of team coach Sebastian Swift (Jeffrey Nordling), she trains spil a part of the Swift Team to win the “Fire and Ice” snowboarding competition. A year ago, a viral movie branding the famous, legendary snowboarder Will Cloud (Luke Benward) spil an “epic failure” caused Will to end his snowboarding career. He wiped out attempting a budge he created te Fire and Ice, called the Cloud 9, and almost died, permitting the Swifts to take the win. Now, Will works at his family’s dog-kennel with his mom, Andrea (Amy Farrington). During a pre-Fire and Ice party for the Swifts, Sebastian Swift tells Nick that he needs to do whatever it takes to win Fire and Ice. After the party, Kayla, Nick, and their two other teammates find Will’s sled that he left behind while taking a customer’s dog for a walk. Kayla and Nick get on and rail the sled, however, Nick is incapable to control it and apologizes to Kayla before falling/throwing himself out of the sled. Still railing, Kayla crashes through the mountain lodge sign, demolishing it and violating the sled te the process. A security guard finds hier and takes hier huis, and Kayla wasgoed abandoned by hier teammates to take the blame. Will is informed that his sled is violated.

Hier parents, Richard (Patrick Fabian) and Madeline, tell Kayla and Will that they will fix the sign, but Kayla has to work at the dog kennel every day after schoolgebouw to pay for Will’s sled. She agrees, and she and Will argue about hier presence at the kennel. During the argument, Will blatantly tells Kayla that even however she has won many medals, hier houtvezelplaat technology is rusty and she wasgoed only on the Swift team because hier dad possessed the resort and supplied the team with money.

After schoolgebouw, while working at the kennel, she receives a voice mail from Sebastian that she is kicked off the team because of hier misconduct. Furious, she marches up to Nick and they have a serious discussion. He and the others knew about hier dismissal from the team but wouldn’t do or say anything about it. When Kayla presses further, Nick comes straight out with the truth he’s bot attempting to avoid and explains that she can’t win Fire and Ice, due to hier faulty railing.

The next day, Kayla is seen mopping the floor and has arrived at the kennel earlier than Will. When Will arrives, he is with his friends, Dink (Carlon Jeffery) and Sam (Andrew Caldwell). While Will is lecturing Sam on his poor snowboarding, Kayla realizes that Will truly does know what he is doing. Zometeen, Will and his friends leave leaving Kayla ter charge. After she locks one of the dogs, Donald, ter his box, Kayla gives another a bath. Donald mischievously unlocks the cell and lets the other dogs out. She detects their escape and pursues them through town. Zometeen, she talks to Nick again, and he determines that they should break-up, telling that she is distracting him from the competition. When Kayla comes back to the kennel with the dogs, she pleads to be fired, but Andrea turns down. Back at huis, hier friends Pia and Lindsay attempt to convenience hier and bring themselves to observe the viral movie and see how Will got injured.

Kayla asks Will to train hier for Fire and Ice so she can indeed know snowboarding and work on hier mechanism. She also offers to remodel the kennel to bring ter more customers. Will denies that he still loves snowboarding and rejects to coach hier. Infuriated, Kayla keeps attempting to talk reason into him. He blatantly replies that she does not have a team to rival with, and so there would be no point te instructing hier anyway. Kayla sees his old teammates and determined that they could be a team together. Kayla then notices the indeed famous shredder, Skye Sailor (Kiersey Clemons), and realizes the Swifts have substituted hier with Skye. She attempts to reason with Will again, telling him not only have the Swifts substituted hier, but they hit Will too and he hasn’t snowboarded since. Will then agrees to train them.

At schoolgebouw, she tells hier friends that Will is going to coach hier and introduces them to Sam and Dink. She sees Nick and is incredulous when he silently ‘what-upps’ hier. Spotting Skye, she points hier out to hier friends, who convenience hier by reminding Kayla that Skye wasgoed wearing dual studs, which wasgoed “so last season.”

Zometeen, Skye catches sight of Kayla and offers to give hier an autograph. Realizing this wasgoed the doll she substituted, she determines to make the autograph to ‘Kayla, Everyone’s dearest Daddy’s doll.’ Angrily, Kayla remarks that she will be the winner of Fire and Ice. Will frustratedly tells Kayla that she has to prove that, and they commence serious training. Kayla isn’t doing good at the begin, but she is zometeen displaying stable improvement and also working on the makeover for the dog kennel. At one point, Nick sees Kayla and Will together and he doesn’t seem blessed about it.

Will’s mom is deep throated away at the makeover once it is finished. She notes that Will and Kayla made a excellent team and gives them the day off to loosen and have joy. While Will is preoccupied, she thanks Kayla for bringing back “the old Will.” After getting fro-yo, Kayla notices Tyson’s Peak and comments on its scary appearance. Will says that it is and Kayla wonders if anyone everzwijn snowboarded down the mountain. Will then tells Kayla the story of Tyson’s Peak: how Tyson attempted to rail the mountain and his figure wasgoed never found, but he wasgoed joking around. Will concludes that railing down the mountain is unlikely, while Kayla argues that nothing is unlikely. Kayla asks what their chances of winning Fire and Ice were, and Will tells hier that albeit it wasgoed shaky, they are beginning to look like a real threat. Kayla ventures even further, voicing hier thoughts that Will should join their team. Taking note of how uncertain he looked, she makes him promise to at least think about it. Zometeen, Kayla and Will view the viral movie speciaal, but couldn’t stand to see it. The next morning, Kayla hears that hier mother talked to Will’s mom about hier input at the kennel and hier determination to become better at snowboarding, thus enlisting Will. She then hears hier dad’s comment that he doesn’t want to see hier fail and she had no chance against the Swifts. Sadly, she reminds herself that nothing is unlikely.

Straks, Kayla asks Will to train hier the Cloud 9, but they argue when Will says she is not ready. Will uses the mountain spil an example, telling you need to have no fear going down it. He ventures to say that Kayla is not yet at that point. Determined to prove a point, Kayla takes a helicopter rail to the top of Tyson’s peak and bravely snowboards down the mountain, unaware that she is being recorded on TV from the helicopter and broadcast live on television. But on the way down, she falls off a druppel when the snow ledge cracks, which causes an avalanche, which buries hier under the snow however by then, she has boarded all the way down Tyson’s Peak. Will and Donald run to find hier and eventually rescue hier. Kayla admits that she boarded down the peak just to impress Will, so he would be willing to train hier the Cloud 9.

Ter schoolgebouw, Kayla finds out that Skye is already Nick’s “sidechick”, and she tricks Will into holding hier palm to even up the score. Straks, Dink and Sam learn that Will has joined the team. After, a few test runs after his long year off, Will stumbles and falls. He purposely pretends to be unconscious and scares them. The Swift team eyed him snowboarding and when he took the fall, Nick says ‘once an epic failure, always an epic failure.’ Will ultimately agrees to instruct Kayla the Cloud 9 and shows Kayla how to do the very first part. While she attempts the Cloud 9, Nick and Skye sees. Nick seems sympathetic when she falls and Skye notices. After a few failed attempts at the Cloud 9, Kayla leaves to refuel. Nick arrives and tells Will there’s a strong chance Kayla will be injured doing the Cloud 9 just spil Will wasgoed, and it would be Will’s fault. Afterwards, Kayla makes a few more attempts. Now into the night, Skye is watching hier when Sebastian sees hier attempts. Panicked, he asks Skye what she wasgoed doing and Skye said the Cloud 9. He doesn’t believe that she can pull it off but Skye counters him, telling not to count hier out. Mad, he tells Skye that she told him she could strike Kayla. Skye counters commenting that he liedje because he had said she wasgoed a coddled princess with no talent. She goes on about how much better Kayla’s doing, telling “That chick can rail”. When Kayla wants to do another attempt, Will says she wasgoed hesitating and that he can’t risk hier getting hurt. He accuses hier that it is truly just about winning Nick back. Kayla says she has had enough with people who don’t believe ter hier. Will comes up and smooches hier. When Kayla goes huis, Sebastian comes up and tells hier that he wants hier back on the team and she says yes, just because he eyed hier spil a fresh improved weapon for the Swifts.

At the Fire and Ice competition, Kayla arrives wearing a Swift Team jacket, making the Hot Doggers (Kayla’s team) think she talent up on them. Kayla exposes she wasgoed only pulling a trick and wasgoed only wearing it to terugwedstrijd the equipment she wasgoed instructed to give back earlier, telling that teal wasgoed “so last season”, making it clear that she has officially dumped the Swift team for what they did, and the Hot Doggers is where she belongs, despite warnings of regret from Sebastian. When Fire and Ice commences, Will starts out very well, with Nick close behind. Ter Run Two, Nick starts to vertoning power and wins the Boys’s title, making Kayla the only chance the Hot Doggers have left against the Swift team. Kayla does pretty good te Run 1, but Skye does horrible. Skye pulled off a routine te Run Two and Kayla can only hammer hier with at least an almost volmaakt score. Right before hier round te Run Two, Richard apologizes to Kayla for not believing te hier and hopes that she will win. Sebastian sees this and considers it a distraction from winning. Nick protests that a parent supporting their kid is not a bad thing. Nick then tells Kayla that he followed his father’s orders to crash the sled ter order to give his father an excuse to kick Kayla off the team spil Sebastian before did not believe te hier. Nick tells his father that this wasgoed his fantasy, not Nick’s. Kayla and Will are both unassured if she will be able to perform the Cloud 9, but after what Nick told hier, she is now furious at Sebastian and more determined than everzwijn to ritme the Swifts and determines she will do it. With an awesome vertoning, she successfully grounds the Cloud 9, scoring a volmaakt Ten points from all the judges, winning hier very first “real” trophy, and making the Hot Doggers overall winners of Fire and Ice. Pia, Linds, Richard, Madeline, Nick, and even Skye applaud hier, spil well spil Sebastian, who now regrets his decision to dump hier from his team.

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