Coin Armor – protected physical wallet for Bitcoins by Anna Landik – Kickstarter

Coin Armor - protected physical wallet for Bitcoins by Anna Landik - Kickstarter

A very risky variant. This year several stock exchanges were closed by governments and investors lost all their assets. Many of them were successfully attacked by hackers.

Also a risk of hackers + risk of physical harm (fire\water\hardware mailfunction).

Cold storage te the setting of cryptocurrency refers to keeping a reserve of digital coins offline. This is a necessary security precaution, to assure that your coins will be only yours. Basically, cold wallet could be a lump of paper where you write your public address (account number) and private key (password). So usually anyone who can see it, can steal it.

But that’s not a case with Coin Armor. It has Two sides:

1. Public address – you can display it to anyone

Two. Private Key – usualy you should keep it ter secret and don’t display to anyone. But not te case of Coin Armor.

Ter Coin Armor private key is BIP 38 encrypted. What does it mean?

BIP 38 is a method proposed for encrypting and encoding a passphrase-protected Bitcoin private key record te the form of a 58-character Base58Check-encoded printable string. Encrypted private key records are intended for use on paper wallets and physical Bitcoins. Each record string contains all the information needed to reconstitute the private key except for a passphrase, and the methodology uses salting and scrypt to stand against brute-force attacks.

Te a elementary words your password (private key) is protected with another password that only You know!

Again! Wij won’t have access to your password. Wij will know only pass-phrase protected password (to engrave it) and only person who know this pass-phrase (You) will have access to a wallet.

I know, it sounds a bit difficult but it won’t take more then 15 minutes to open a crypto-wallet and generate encrypted password.

If you’ll have any questions after you back this project I’ll be your guide ter cryptoworld (I’m a miner with Trio year practice and a cryptotrader).

With a help of this project I’d like to popularize cryptocurrencies spil safe and profitable investment.

The idea behind very first cryptocurrency wasgoed that Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. No one controls it. Bitcoins aren’t printed, like dollars or euros – they’re produced by people. And now it truly need decentralization. Puny investors shouldn’t permit big capital to buy them all before it’s too late.

To all backers that will support this project I’ll send a manual how to:

  • Buy crypto currencies with minimal expenses.
  • Generate all needed informatie to create cold wallet with absolutely secure software
  • Send your coins to this cold wallet

So spil you’ve found out from previous paragraph Coin Armor is a physical storage of login and password of cold wallet. It’s a 1 mm hardened stainless stengel plate te a size of credit card. You can keep it ter your pocket and ter case of need build up quick access to your digital assets. Or scan QR-code of your public address to give informatie to your payers where to send payments.

The very first step is hardening a stengel. Then wij start grinding it.

And then laser cut wit cards.

After cutting, wij grind this card and with a help of laser engraving accomplish work on this product.

So if you wan’t to invest te cryptocurrency and want to store ter truly safe wallet please support us.

Note. Wij can make not only bitcoin wallet but engrave keys of any major crypto currency.

Risks and challenges

Coin Armor is relatively plain project and there won’t be any problems with production.

Wij have all needed equipment: laser engraving machine, metal cutter, sandblasting etc. Fully tooled workshop.

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ

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