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Equipments Online, a Fresh Service for Dagger Hashimoto Mining Equipments

You can say it wasgoed about time to see a service for leasing and renting mining equipments for Ethereum and other forks that use the Dagger Hashimoto mining algorithm, so here comes the fresh service called Equipments Online. Interestingly enough the larger and more established services did not bother to add support for Ethereum hashrate leasing and renting, so somebody else evidently had to do it. The service is still te beta and has a bit limited functionality originally, but it does already work and works pretty good based on our very first practices with it, tho’ there are some issues spil well that need to be worked on. Everyone can register and either rent an available mining equipment if the price is acceptable or add his own mining equipment to sell the reserve hashrate he has available. The service accepts Bitcoins only for the payments and when you send coins to your account you will get them available for use just after 1 confirmation, however for the uur there still seems to be no function available to withdraw any earnings or coins left te your balance.

When you want to rent a mining equipment you choose it from the list of available ones that are not yet rented pack te some details on where you want to have it mine. So far it seems that only Suprnova is supported and you can choose to mine te their ETH, SHF or EXP pools then you need to set a worker you have already set ter the respective pool, and the time you want to rent the equipment for – can be for less than 24 hours, however the prices are listed ter 24 hours. It would most likely have bot better to just paste the total pool URL for mining than to have just a dropdown, but this is very likely to make it possible to have less mistakes. Unluckily for the uur there is no option to edit the settings once you rent a mining equipment, so if you make a mistake te the setting up then you cannot fix it or if you want to switch the pool at some point. Another thing that is not yet very clear is what happens when a equipment you have rented for a given time period goes offline before your renting period is overheen. It is not clear if you will be compensated te any way for the downtime or you will only liberate your money, so at if you determine to test the service at the ogenblik do not rent equipments for too long periods. Another thing wij are presently missing te the service is a comment for and rating system for equipments, but hopefully wij are going to see something like that added te the future spil well.

If you want to lease the hashrate of your Ethereum mining equipment you go through a plain setup process similar to that of the renting of equipments. Here it is very significant to setup a default pool URL where your mining equipment will be mining at when it is waiting to be rented by somebody. Here you can set a utter pool URL with the default example set for Supernova, but you should be able to use different pool spil well. Unluckily with the equipment renting here you also don’t have the capability to edit your equipment once you set it up, so if you want to switch something you need to setup a fresh mining equipment available for renting. After you add your mining equipment to sell your hashrate you will need to point the ethminer on that equipment to a special URL that will be given to you pointing to the Equipments Online service – evidently a proxy that treats the renting process and switching inbetween your backup pool and the user’s preferred mining pool when the equipment is rented.

So ter brief the Equipments Online service does look promising, however it presently comes with the very basic functionality available and there is a lotsbestemming of work needed to still be done. It is promising, but still ter beta and there is more work needed to be done before it becomes fully functional and suggest all the things that you will normally expect from such a service and still the lack of withdraw function is bothering us. So you are welcome to attempt it, but you should only do it with a puny deposits ter order to be able to attempt renting a equipment or you can attempt adding your mining equipment spil a quick test.

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