Free Numerology Reading: Number & Name Numerology

Free Numerology Reading: Number & Name Numerology

Numerology is all about numbers which is helpful te predicting the future of a person. It is believed that each number is associated with some specific characteristics and the events which have either taken place ter life or is going to take place. Numerology is also related to the planets and their traits they wield. Let’s know the ruling planets of numbers –

Ruling planet for number 1 is Zon, Moon for Two, Jupiter for Trio, Rahu for Four, Mercury for Five, Venus for 6, Ketu for 7, Saturn for 8, and Expeditie for 9.

Types of Numerology

Each numerology type has its own way to find the number out from your name or birthdate to let us know about our past, present and predict the future. Let’s know each type of numerology –

Vedic / Indian Numerology:

Vedic Numerology came into existence from the texts of Indo – Aryans. According to Indian Numerology, every person has three numbers. Thesis numbers are known spil psychic number, fate number and name number.

  • Psychic Numbers – This number is calculated from your bday. Psychic number tells you about yourself like what you want to be and your qualities. It can be known by adding your bday till a single number is not obtained. For example – if your bday is 23, then your psychic number will be Two+Three=Five.
  • Fate Numbers – This number is calculated from your date of birth. Fate Number tells you about what others think about you and what fate has stored ter for you. This number can be obtained by adding the entire date. For example – if your date of birth is 1-1-2001, then your fate number is 1+1+Two+0+0+1 = Five.
  • Name Numbers – This number is also known spil Relationship Number. Name Number is calculated using the name of that person. It is determined on the voet of sequence followed by Numerology:

Chaldean Numerology emerged from an ancient civilization of Babylon, around 2300 BC. Therefore, it is also denoted spil Mystic Numerology. Te this system, single digit number indicates your outer personality. And, the dual digit number represent the internal personality. The prediction is made by the numerologist using name of the person which is most commonly used.

Pythagorean or Western Numerology:

Western Numerology wasgoed developed by the a greek philosopher, Pythagoras. Te this type of Numerology, prediction is made by the date of birth and name of that person. Then, the digits are diminished to the range of 1-9. But numbers 11 and 22 are not further diminished because thesis are called spil master stimulations.

Kabbalah Numerology is known to be the most vast Numerology amongst all. It’s a part of Hebrew alphabet. It doesn’t use the date of birth of the person for the prediction, rather it uses the name of that person for interpretation of his life cycle.

Hebrew Numerology works upon Hebrew numbers. Very first nine alphabets are correlated with very first nine numbers (1-9). Next nine letters corresponds to very first nine ems unit (10-90). And, the last four letters are tuned with very first four hundreds unit (100-400).

Abracadabra Numerology is one of the most least used numerologies. Te order to fetch the information using the very first name, it uses a series of triangle to derive the numerical values. To incorporate the entire year, the alphabets are added upto 365.

Instruments For Free Numerology Reading

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