How Do I Buy My Very first Bitcoin? – Keeping Stock

How Do I Buy My First Bitcoin? – Keeping Stock

Alright, this is something I’ve seen asked innumerable times ALL ACROSS the interwebs…because of that, I am creating this step-by-step guide on how to make your very first Bitcoin purchase at Coinbase. Feel free to share this article with your network if you have friends who are interested ter learning about Bitcoin!

Step #1 Create Your Coinbase Account

Very similar to how you would make an account on any truly any webstek, you inject your information into the form introduced. You’ll receive a confirmation email from there, permitting you to sign-in to your account after receiving it.

Step #Two Verify Your State or Country

Coinbase will voorstelling this little popup here spil soon spil you verify your initial email with the exchange. Simply choose your state or country — effortless peasy.

Step #Three Select “Buy/Sell”

After you click the “Buy/Sell” button, it will prompt you to add your payment information. This would be your canap account, wire informatie, and/or credit card.

Step #Four Choosing Inbetween Wire Transfer, Handelsbank Debit/Credit Card, and PayPal

If you want to pay with with you credit/debit card, you can. This has a Three.99% toverfee for using because it’s instant spil opposed to waiting 5–7 days for your ACH to go through if you just purchase the Bitcoin with your bankgebouw account — the upside being, no Trio.99% toverfee, just the exchange toverfee. You can ONLY sell into your PayPal account, but it is instantly deposited into your account.

Note: if you want to request a wire, you will need to input your phone number. Picture below is the screen you get if you click ‘Request.’ After putting ter your phone number on the next screen, you will be able to request your wire instructions and may have to pack out a bit more information. I have not done a wire yet.

Step #Five Chosen Debit/Credit, PayPal or Bankgebouw Account

Decision A, PayPal Account Addition

If you choose the PayPal option, you voorwaarde input your Photo ID or Driver’s License spil it says ter the photo. No matter what, Coinbase is going to ask you for your information — you cannot ‘crypt-toe’ past them…an attempt to be pun-y! d[^_^]b

Once you select and ID preference, Coinbase will ask you how you would like to get them your ID information — you can choose inbetween Webcam and uploading the documents via verkeersopstopping from your rekentuig. Either way, once you submit your ID informatie, it should just take a duo days to verify.

Decision B, Canap Account

Spil you can see above, Coinbase has every handelsbank and their mother on this list. Select your bankgebouw and it will bring you to a screen similar to below where you will log-in spil if you were logging into your actual handelsbank account:

Decision C, Add a Credit/Debit Card

After clicking the “Add a Credit/Debit Card” option, it will bring you to a screen similar to the screenshot above. Notice te the crimson circle there is a Three.99% convenience toverfee for using the instant buy option for the Credit/Debit card…it is steep, but considering the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets — it may be worth it to have this option on palm. I have bot fortunate enough to catch Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin at a -10%+price so that my Three.99% wasgoed recovered te the appreciation of the coin. Be VERY careful here, you can indeed lose money on this if the market is on the downswing.

For the Options B &, C, Coinbase will send Two puny transactions that are $1.XX — both being different numbers. Then you will be asked to verify the charges and should be up and running with a verified Coinbase account!

Hopefully this brief guide to buying your very first Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin wasgoed helpful. Feel free to ask any questions you might have ter the comments.

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