How to buy Bitcoin with Debit Card

How to buy Bitcoin with Debit Card

Buying bitcoin with a debit card is similar to buying it with a credit card. Most places that permit one will permit the other.

Prepaid debit cards

There does emerge to be a difference inbetween debit and credit cards. There are companies that permit you to buy bitcoin with a prepaid debit card.

Cryptopay is a company that provides a prepaid card where you can stream up with your cryptocurrencies from your wallet. They work online, offline and internationally and make it very effortless for customers to use millions of businesses worldwide.

Advantages of a prepaid debit card:

Prepaid debit cards are the easiest way to specie out your bitcoins.

Buy bitcoin with debit cards through brokers

When you buy bitcoin through a broker, you are not actually wielding the underlying asset. This means that you can take advantage of the price movement without actually possessing the cryptocurrency.

A broker has many advantages compared to crypto exchanges, the main one is that it is regulated. Regulation means you are protected te the case of insolvency of the broker. This is not the case with exchanges and opens you up to more risk than perhaps you should have.

Debit cards are one of the most popular routes to buying bitcoin. The process with brokers is very plain, they suggest excellent customer support and can talk you through the entire process, albeit you shouldn’t need their help because it is ordinary that effortless.

Buying bitcoin with debit cards on exchanges

With Bitcoins enlargening popularity overheen the past few months, lots of people are looking to invest ter Bitcoin and debit card is the most popular way to buy them.

The reason being is because a debit card is the very first thing you can use to buy anything online. Spil a child you would have grown up with maybe some pocket money (metselspecie) but when you got your very first canap account, you will have used a debit card. Therefore, almost everyone has one!

When it comes to the proces of purchasing the cryptocurrency it is significant to use reputable sources.

Get a bitcoin wallet

Before wij proceed, wij need to understand that bitcoins are stored te electronic wallets. You vereiste have one, but it is a fairly ordinary process spil most exchanges opoffering you them on their platforms. It is advisable to get a secure one that can be downloaded onto your pc.

The most reliable and fastest way to buying bitcoins includes debit card and also using wire transfers. The transaction is instantaneous, which makes the exchanges a lotsbestemming more comfy than those that can take a few days to land.

Below, wij will epistel you on how to buy Bitcoins with debit card on various top-rated exchanges.

1) Buy Bitcoin with Debit Card On Coinbase Exchange

Coinbase is considered spil one of the largest exchange dealing ter Bitcoins. It has a large clientele base te various countries including UK, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Canada and the USA. Customers can buy Bitcoins with debit card up to $150 vanaf week at Coinbase.

The company charges Three.99% toverfee on all transactions made through a debit card. Those who spend overheen $100 at one time are entitled to a toeslag suggest, which can switch depending on when you buy your crypto!

To buy Bitcoin with debit card from Coinbase, go after the steps highlighted below:

  • You need to create your account at Coinbase.
  • Upload supporting documents to get your account verified.
  • Select the payment method and the card product you wish to use (Visa debit or mastercard debit).
  • Pack ter your debit card details.
  • Inject the amount of Bitcoin that you wish to buy using your debit card.
  • Proceed to payment pagina and press “submit” to authorize the purchase.
  • Get your purchased bitcoins transferred to your E-wallet account.

Two) Buy Bitcoin with Debit Card On CoinMama

CoinMama is the specialist broker that offers bitcoin sale and purchase online. Customers can buy bitcoins with debit card spil well spil other methods including credit card, wire transfers, and metselspecie.

CoinMama permits its customers to purchase a high volume of bitcoins, up to $20000 a month and it has a maximum of $5000 daily limit.

  • Go to CoinMama’s webpagina and click on the “signup” tabulator.
  • Pack te your details on the registration form.
  • Fasten a proof of your identity.
  • Wait until your account is approved.
  • Select the bitcoin amount that you would like to purchase.
  • Inject your Visa or Mastercard debit card credentials.
  • Proceed by clicking the “submit” button.

Three) Buy Bitcoin with Debit Card From BitPanda

BitPanda is another trusted name when it comes to the selection of a reliable source to purchase Bitcoin.

The company is based ter Austria and customers are permitted to make payments using debit cards/credit cards. A toverfee of 3-4% is charged on every transaction made with a debit card.

The company is known for its excellent customer support. The only punt is it’s not available worldwide. Its services are only available to the residents of European countries.

Buying bitcoin with debit card from BitPanda is more or less similar to all other exchanges.

  • Register yourself on BitPanda’s webstek.
  • After registration and submitting proof of identity you need to wait for your account to be verified.
  • Once verification of your account is done, you can select the amount of bitcoin you want to purchase.
  • Add your payment method and come in the debit card’s details.
  • Click proceed to proceed with payments.
  • Inject your blockchain encrypted account number of your wallet to get your bitcoins transferred to your e-wallet account.

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