List of Mining Jobs, Get a job te the mines

List of Mining Jobs, Get a job in the mines

iMINCO has created a list of mining jobs to help you understand what types of mining jobs you can apply for.

This e-book is totally free and is volmaakt for fresh starters.

Contains information on,

  • Entry Level Mining Jobs
  • Mining Administration Jobs
  • Catering / Cleaning / Domestic Mining Jobs: entry level mining jobs
  • Drill and Blast Mining Jobs
  • Dump Truck Mining Jobs
  • Electrical Jobs Te Mining
  • Finance Mining Jobs
  • Geologist Jobs Te Mining
  • Health and Safety Jobs Te Mining
  • Mine Machine Operators / All Rounder Jobs
  • Plant Maintenance &, Voertuig Management
  • Mining Management Jobs
  • Mechanical / Installateur / Welder / Boilermaker Mining Jobs List
  • Mining Engineer Jobs
  • Mine Programma and Production Jobs
  • Trades and Services Mining Jobs
  • Truck Driving / Freight Management Jobs Ter Mining

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I am seeking employment spil I own my own Semi-Trailer and hold a HR mighty rigid license. I have 35 years practice and looking to be a driver for iMINCO Mining company. I also hold Crane License and other Cards spil well. If you need to voeling mij at all you already of my email address and my voeling telephone number is spil goes after: 0402275853. I look forward to your earliest response. Kleuter Regards, Mr Gilbert Boucher, Possessor Driver for GH &, RL Boucher Vrachtvervoer.

Hi Gilbert and thanks for your comment.

iMINCO is not an employer ter the mining industry. Wij are purely an information provider. It’s very likely better if you look for driving jobs on SEEK or Indeed spil they would have what you are looking for.

iMINCO Mining Information

r.e. driving jobs ter the mines

Hi my name is Noel I am looking for a job ter the mining industry. im a butcher by trade could I get te with the catering team is it possible

Hi Noel, yes, with your abilities and qualifications, it would indeed help your application. Mining companies are always looking for good people who have the right abilities to work ter their food prep section.

Good luck with your job hunt. Go to the mining jobs boards like SEEK, Indeed and Career One, there will be slew of jobs there for you to apply for.

iMINCO Mining Information

r.e. can I apply for catering jobs te the mines if I am a butcher?

I am a qualified boilermaker by trade is working ter the mining industry for overheen 45 years are presently ter Sierra Leone and looking for a other chance elsewhere abroad

Get on the Australian mining jobs boards like SEEK etc. You have a loterijlot of practice, seems like you will have no problems getting replies from your job applications

iMINCO Mining Information

I am 17 years old turning Legitimate straks this year and am completing Year 11 this year. After the completion of the schoolgebouw year I would love to work te the mines!!

What can I do ter the mines at Eighteen and what qualifications would I need to get and where can I go from here??

Hi Joel and thanks for your question.

The best advice wij can give you is to download the iMINCO ebooks on mining and mining jobs. They are packed with information to help you.

Go to the iMINCO mining ebooks pagina and download the ones you need.

Good luck with your future career te mining.

iMINCO Mining Information

I’m a qualified electrician from South Africa, what steps should I take to get a mining job te Australia?

Hello and thanks for your question. To work ter Australia you vereiste have authority to be employed spil a migrant worker. There is a scheme run by the Australian government that identifies those careers that are te brief supply te Australia. You will require a 457 visa to work te Australia and a job to go to. This means an employer vereiste agree to employ you under stringent conditions. Electricians jobs can be advertised frequently on the online mining jobs boards, however you will not be able to work unless you get the keurig visa.

You can search the online jobs boards like SEEK, Indeed, Career One or My Career. Search for ‘electrician mining’, or ‘electrical installateur’. Detect who the employer is and do your research on them. Learning about the mining industry te Australia is also a top priority for you.

r.e. How do I get a job spil an electrician ter the mining industry te Australia?

iMINCO Mining Information

This is your very first step to getting a mining job te Australia.

im a trade carpenter for overheen years and now im looking at for a more secure role te my life could you recomend a entry level coarse and companys to look out for ter qld

For people looking to get into the mining industry wij recommend you do the following courses. If you want to work te Queensland te the mining industry, there is a Queensland government requirement for you to have very first finished a Mining Induction safety course. This is a Mining Inspectorate initiative to educate very first time workers te the industry ter the safety and procedural policies you will be expected to understand before coming in a mine webpagina. This course is called the Standard 11 and it is a Two day course with a pre-reading assessment to be finished before you attend day 1 of the course.

Te some cases, if you find employment with a contracting company to the larger mining companies, they may waterput you through their own mine-specific induction. Being a carpenter, it’s always advisable to finish your Work At Heights and Held Spaces course spil they are often required. If you don’t have thesis qualifications, then it can hamper your chances of getting an vraaggesprek.

Mining is all about safety Simon, you have to vertoning mining companies you take safety very earnestly and the fact you have invested your own money ter doing training courses shows them you are serious about a career ter the industry.

Don’t just expect you can lob somewhere and walk into a mining job… times have switched, however, with the right qualifications (RII qualifications on your resume), the right mindset and a little bit of luck – you can pauze into the industry. Download the free e-book “Mining JObs Guide 2013” – it’ll give you some good ideas on how to get a begin ter the industry. You can also Research the mining companies to build your skill.

If you’re working ter Queensland ter a mining environment, you have to be gezond and healthy too – you may need to accomplish a Coal Houtvezelplaat Medical Examination

Good luck with your job search Simon – I hope wij have helped you te some way?

iMINCO Mining Information

R.E. How can I get a commence te the mines spil a carpenter?

I am a registered nurse and would like to switch my career environment to the mining sector. Could you please advise mij how to apply for this? Regards Susan

im interested te joining the mining team and would like to know when an where the nearest courses are. i live ter trangie nsw

Hi Jason, thanks for your comments.

Training courses are run all overheen Australia. Your best bet is to call Industry Pathways on (07) 5520 2522 spil they are the registered training organisation that runs the training. If you want to do a haul truck training course, you will have to go to Brisbane, the same with mining machinery courses.

If you are looking to work ter the mining and resource industry, it truly pays to do a safety training course called the generic induction. This not only provides you with valuable safety training, it also introduces you to life ter the mining industry. Make sure you have a good mining-focused resume, because this can often be the difference inbetween getting an vraaggesprek and missing out on your fantasy mining job.

Also, I’d recommend reading the following articles on our webstek – you’ll find it very helpful.

iMINCO Mining Information

r.e. Where are the nearest mining training courses ter NSW?

Hi there, mij and my friend have bot ter Australia for a while now and have bot interested ter looking for a job te the mining industry. Wij don’t have any practice of mining itself but would be interested ter looking into any courses that may help us get on to the schop. Wij have many other abilities which could come ter handy te other areas of mining which wij have spotted while looking through your webstek. If you could let us know how wij could apply for thesis jobs or maybe speak to someone who could help us out wij would be very gratefull

Hi Zeerob and thanks for your comment.

Wij get asked a lotsbestemming of questions about how to get into mining and there are a loterijlot of different ways to do it. I’ve created a list of linksaf for you to go to, which will help you to figure out what works best for you.

1. Make sure you can work te Australia and you have the right permits (if you are not a resident or citizen). A lotsbestemming of people want to come to Australia on a working visa and expect to get into a mining job.

Two. Get the right training before you apply for jobs. Completing safety training courses are a good indication to mining employers that you are aware of the safety issues ter mining and you have invested te yourself and are serious about a career te the industry. Do a mining induction safety course

Ten. Get the right support after you have finished your training course

12. Go to the mining jobs boards like SEEK, INDEED, CareerONE

13. Set up Google alerts for mining jobs

That should get you embarked.

iMINCO Mining Information

r.e. What courses can you do to help you get into a mining job?

I wasgoed wondering how to find informatie on getting work spil a waitress, kitchen arm/cook or housekeeping/cleaning??

Just begin your job search ter a indeed elementary manner. Go to Google and search for “kitchen arm mining jobs”, or “kitchen mitt no practice mining”, or “mining jobs kitchen-hand”, or “cleaning jobs ter mines”. You indeed have to step it up if you want to work ter the mining industry. Searching for jobs means you have to be resourceful and go and find the jobs yourself. You’ll be faced with slew of challenging situations whilst working ter the industry, thinking on your own two feet is the very first step. So go to Google and search for the jobs there, or go to, – you’ll find slew of advertised jobs there. You also need a good you have one?

iMINCO Mining Information

r.e. How to find work spil a kitchen arm or cleaner ter the mines.

Hi I wasgoed wondering if there are any positions for carpenters ??

Yes there are mining opportunities for carpenters. Have you contacted any mining companies yourself to date? Search the web for “carpenters mining”, or go to or better still, here is a mining job for carpenters on Give them a call and commence to get a feel for what they are looking for. It could be formwork carpenters, general carpenters for construction (there’s going to be a lotsbestemming of mining construction jobs for carpenters and tradesmen te the next year or so). There’s a heap of mining jobs for carpenters on the webstek also. Get your resume up to speed and make it mine focused. You can read about mining resumes on our webstek.

iMINCO Mining Information.

r.e. Mining jobs for carpenters

Do you have vacancies for qualified nurses?

Thanks for your question. iMINCO does not employ people to pack mining jobs, but I can help you te your search to find the right mining job for you. There are 153 nurses jobs ter mining on at the ogenblik. Take a look and see which jobs suit your qualifications and practice. There are many types of mine jobs for nurses, some are voortdurend and some would be FIFO, depending on the mining company. Of course it would be good to highlight some mining related practice on your resume, it always helps!! Read about the mining induction courses too, because you need this type of certification before you can step foot on a lotsbestemming of mine sites. Good luck with the job hunting – there’s a lotsbestemming of opportunities, so get embarked today!

iMINCo Mining Information

r.e. Nursing jobs te the mines

Where can I send a resume?

Send your resume to [email protected], they will be able to help you.

iMINCO Mining Information

Hi there, I have certificate Four te building and have bot a carpenter for 15 years and bot ter the building industry for 20 years. I am presently living te Sydney but would like a switch. I would love to work te the mines overheen te WA for something different whether it be spil a carpenter, building supervisor or even just swinging a shovel. I am 36 years old and don’t want to look back te 20 years or so thinking that I should have took the challenge. Will stir and relocate for the right job.

Mining jobs ter WA, there seems to be a loterijlot of opportunities – no denying that. Embark off by finding out who the big mining companies are te WA, go online and research them, view their job vacancies lists, then search the mining jobs boards. Next, get the right mine-ready certification, because you won’t be permitted anywhere near a mine webpagina without it. Mining companies will only consider you if you have the suitable mine safety training qualifications. Mining jobs are just like any other job, you have to prepare yourself, do your research, get the right credentials, voeling the employers and make sure you have everything ter place to make a good impression. It could also be worth your while up-skilling, to take advantage of the expected shortages te mine-site deputies and managers overheen the coming years.

iMINCO Mining Information

R.E. I would love to work te the mines ter W.A. How would I go about it?

Hi, I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring te Accounting &, Marketing). I also have around Four years accounting practice. I would love to find a job ter the mines &, utlise my degree. I am wondering if you could please tell mij where is best place to search?

Apply to Thiess at Burton Glenden

Go to the Thiess webstek look for finance positions

hey wasgoed just wondering how hard it is to get a job ter the mines if i have a airconditioning licence , im an apprentice electrican and i have a truck licence .

Hi, my name is meme and I am qualified health inspector with a oorkonde ter environmental health. I’ve always wished to work ter a mining industry spil a safety officer. Will you please let mij know if there are any vacancies that’s suit my qualification.

The best place to look for safety officer jobs ter the mines is on SEEK. You can use the listig to find Mining Safety Officer Jobs

RE: saftey jobs te the mines

Hey, im almost Legal years old, looking to get an apprenticeship ter the mines. Whats the best way to do this.

I have no practice with phsysical labour, but Two years hospitality work.

Wij dont actually suggest apprenticeships, however have a look at the following listig on our webstek regarding the upcoming expos. There may be people there you can talk face to face with regarding apprenticeship options.

RE: Mining Apprenticeships

Hi, I am looking for a job te the mining industry spil a Waiter. I have relevant practice and certificates. Where should I embark looking for work and are there any courses that you know of to get one step closer to being Hired? Thank you.

Looking at jobs te the mines spil a Tyre Installateur. Presently Self employed at the uur and looking at Australia to extend my career. Thanks

wij are just about to run some tyre waterfitter courses for the mines. You are welcome to attend the course once it starts. There is a growing need for tyre fitters ter the mines and it is a job that is an unskilled mining job. Check the project news for an update on thesis dates.

Re: unskilled mining jobs

Earnestly looking for employment te mines.Trainee Dump Truck Technicus or similar.G.I.Safety Induction.H.R.License.Also wealth of Hospitality practice up to Management.Anything (legal) considered.

Hi , would like to know if any sheetmetal jobs te WA thankyou.

I am looking for work spil kitchen mitt te the mining industry. I have 15 yrs practice working te kitchens and have food safe certificate. I know how to work hard.

how to get a job spil a cook

You can attempt a company like SODEXHO they are very large employers of catering within the mining industry

Pete iMINCO RE: catering jobs ter the mines

Hi just enquiring about a dump truck operating postition at Barrow Island. I have 4yrs practice on the 777cat, 785cat,789cat,785komatsu, 4400bucyrus, 777d watercart. I’m presently employed and is of aboriginal gepast. Just an enquiry. Cheers

Hi Shea here i have done the dump truck course and my blue card and my genies mining course and I have re written my CV i cant under stand why mines wont take mij please let mij no if there is any thing else i can do. I am looking for any mine job, cook, cleaner, dump truck driver any thing realy just to get my foot ter the onderbrak

hi i have worked with tyres of all sizes for six years so how do i go about getting a tyre fitting job within the mines

Hi there wij are a duo looking to relocate to a QLD mine i have a QLD security licence &, my partrer is a assistant te nursing.

Approx costs for tickets &, if any opportunites are available any informatie would be greatly appreciated!

A loterijlot of mine vacancies require you to have mine practice, how do you get that embark albeit you may have a loterijlot of qualification that would suit but zero mine experieince. Regards

Doing a course like the work ready program will give you abilities that are equal to someone with Two years practice ter underground mining. The work ready program is the best way to get skilled up specifically for mining and it is a course that doesn’t cost a fortune. You can read more about it here. Mining Work Ready Program

I am looking for a job te the mines or construction spil A fully Qualified Boilermaker/ DLI Welder,

Or a job spil a Fork lift Driver, I have all the relevent licences,

i have worked ter oil and gas ( drill equipment on land ) for Five years now and need a switch. Can anyone tell mij how to get into the mines ter W.A ?

Wij are a duo who are willing to relocate within QLD to undertake mining work. Brett is a qualified sheet metal worker and I have practice ter Reception, Admin and OHS. Could you please let us know if there is any vacancies that would suit either of us?

im presently obtaining my dump truck licence, and wasgoed interested to know if there are any available jobs.

Hi my name is Aaron and I am working on a mine spil a mine environmental control assistant(ventilation assistant) can I find a job ter australia I also have a waterfitter service man certificate I am also looking for any mine related job I can even do a dump truck course and other relevant coursers to secure a job te australian mines even entry level jobs.(From South Africa at Impala platinum mines)

could you please tell mij if there are any vacancies for boilermaker welders up there

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