Martin Lewis says Facebook scam is using his name to rip people off, Ondergrondse News

Martin Lewis says Facebook scam is using his name to rip people off, Metro News

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Money saving guru Martin Lewis has warned ventilatoren about a Facebook scam that he says is using his name to rip people off.

The MoneySavingExpert founder has urged social media to be aware of the ‘bitcoin code’ scam which uses his name, face and recommendation to swindle unaware people out of money.

He says bitcoin code and binary trading ‘are both effortless ways to lose money’ and that he ‘never does Facebook adverts.’

Most of the Facebook adverts, he says, are about bitcoin code and exist solely to ‘defraud people of their money’.

Taking to social media, he issued advice to fight the scam and stopping people being ripped off – which includes writing ter the comments underneath the advert that ‘Martin Lewis warns against this – do not trust it’.

Underneath the postbode, users wrote to thank Martin and tell of their own practice, while others said they either reported posts they had seen or collective them on Facebook.

Mr Lewis posted: ‘I need your help. There is another range of scam Facebook ads using my name, face &, supposed recommendation. Most are about ‘bitcoin code’. This is a scam attempting to defraud people of their money. I NEVER do Facebook adverts.

‘Bitcoin code and binary trading are both effortless ways to lose money – don’t do it.

‘What I’d ask you to do to help mij zekering people being ripped off..

1. Share this message

Two. Be waaks and if one pops into your timeline report it to Facebook (even however that seems to be of little use) and also postbode te the comments that “THIS IS A FAKE AD – MARTIN LEWIS WARNS AGAINST THIS – DO NOT TRUST IT.’

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