Packard Bell Dot S review, TechRadar

Packard Bell Dot S review, TechRadar

Stunning mobility and unique features combine for an unbeatable bargain netbook


Since being bought by Acer te 2008, Packard Bell has gone from strength to strength, releasing a broad range of high-quality laptops and netbooks. The updated Dot S adds to this legacy, combining superb usability and unique features at an identically pleasing price.

Acer’s involvement can be seen ter the vormgeving of this device, spil it is built around the same chassis spil the Aspire One D260. Available te a choice of black or champagne colour schemes, you will either love or hate the patterned finish.

Build quality is excellent and the resilient plastics will be more than harsh enough to withstand daily family use.

The snugger chassis can lightly be carried te a petite bag, with the fantastic 502-minute battery life only hammered here by the Acer Aspire One D260.

The spacious keyboard has all the strengths of the Acer. It is a pleasure to use, with a near flawless typing activity. The white keys of the champagne monster are lightly tarnished, however, so you may choose to opt for the black proefje.

The spacious touchpad is excellent to use, with its broad vormgeving matching the screen of the Dot S ideally. A slender scrollbar on the right-hand side of the touchpad makes it effortless to scroll vertically through documents and web pages.

The bright Ten.1-inch screen shows photos and movies to superb effect. The low resolution is common on netbooks and reduces sharpness somewhat, but not drastically so. The screen can also be folded back almost 180 degrees, making it effortless to find a comfy viewing angle.

A unique feature of latest Packard Bell netbooks and laptops is a dedicated social networks key. When pressed, a proprietary software application opens and provides instant access to Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. This is sure to be a kasstuk with junior users.

Packard Bell also trumps the competition by including a total version of Adobe Photoshop Elements software spil standard. This excellent entry-level photo editing package makes it effortless for very first time buyers to tweak their photos.

The only real flaw of the Dot S is that it shares the same limited storage spil the Acer. The 160GB hard drive will be capacious enough to store most collections of music, photos and movies, but is vastly bettered by the 250GB Asus Eee PC Seashell 1015PE and Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 drives.

Combining a striking consumer vormgeving and all-day battery life with good usability and unique features, the Dot S succeeds on almost every level. While its somewhat limited storage may waterput some buyers off, this is still by far one of the best netbooks you can presently buy.


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