Play the weekly settlement raffle, which gives you a chance to win bitcoin while also helping support us.

Play the weekly settlement raffle, which gives you a chance to win bitcoin while also helping support us.

Whalepool is a multi-platform community of bitcoin traders. The core of the community is the Teamspeak audio and text conferencing server, which consistently has overheen 300 users who are talking everything bitcoin from the technology, politics, philosophy, and economics te general. The concentrate of the group is bitcoin trading, and thus the main topic that predominates the discourse is market activity on Bitcoin spot and futures prices.

Whalepool wasgoed founded on the same principles that drive bitcoin: freedom, transparency, and connectivity. Wij do not kerkban or kick people from our groups. Wij seek understanding, truth, and profits — lots and lots of profits. Wij are open-minded and seek to hear all sides of issues and offerande a toneel for anyone who has passion to get involved to contribute.

Wij offerande a balance of a free and open place for discussion but also a serious price-focused market environment. Our Price Discussion slagroom on Teamspeak is an on-topic channel for price activity and market analysis only. Thus you never have to feel awkward to hear offtopic chatter, or conversely hearing boring market talk when the price is vapid. You can always choose to be ter a different channel and you can always have the chance to express yourself loosely on any matter of significance.

The traders on Whalepool have a broad diversity of backgrounds — some are youthful students, others are veteran traders with legacy finance backgrounds. Some trade on the weekends, others trade daily for a living. While most of us trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like litecoin, ethereum, and dash, wij also have significant portion of the community trading FX, stocks, and commodities (often using bitcoin to do it!). Many traders use charts and technical analysis to figure out when to trade, others concentrate on news and fundamental analysis. No matter where you getraind along this multi-dimensional spectrum you are welcome to come te and take part te the discussion or stash/go after us on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit.

Methods to Contribute

Whalepool is supported mostly by affiliate revenue with trusted exchange vrouwen, which funds the numerous services that wij give 100% open to the public.

If you want to help, the best way is to be active ter the community posting charts and participating te discussions. You can also suggest your abilities or services to help the community grow.

If you would like to support us financially, here are some ways you can contribute:

  • Sign up your exchange/broker account under our linksaf and the funds will go toward the community.
  • Play the weekly settlement raffle, which gives you a chance to win bitcoin while also helping support us.
  • Alternatively, you can donate to our fund btc address below:

Those who contribute to the Teamspeak fund get Financial Contributor badge to showcase appreciation.

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