Setup PG-9028 Without IPEGA Bluetooth Controller App

Setup PG-9028 Without IPEGA Bluetooth Controller App

Wij will showcase you today how you can configure or setup PG-9028 without an IPEGA Bluetooth controller app. Previously, I published an article displaying you how to setup IPEGA remote Bluetooth gamepad controller. However, that configuration involves using the IPEGA Spel Center app (IPEGA Spel Center_ENG.apk). And that remote Bluetooth gamepad is the earlier version of IPEGA with a product code PG-9025. This time, wij will be demonstrating you another way wherein you don’t need an IPEGA Bluetooth controller app for IPEGA PG-9028.

How effortless is it to setup PG-9028 without IPEGA Bluetooth Controller App

There’s no trick and no application needed spil I’ve mentioned above. Unlike the predecessor of IPEGA wireless gamepad controller PG-9025. You only need to make sure that your device is compatible with IPEGA PG-9028.

IPEGA PG-9028 Compatible Devices

Thesis are the compatible mobile devices that you can pair with IPEGA PG-9028 which has bot tested spil of writing this article. If your device is ter the list, wij suggest you bring your device very first te the store and test it before you buy one.

Configuring and Pairing IPEGA PG-9028 with your devices

Now, about setting up or configuring your device and pairing it with IPEGA PG-9028. Here are the steps:

  1. Turn on your IPEGA PG-9028
  2. Also, make sure that your smartphone or mobile device’ Bluetooth is turned on
  3. Now, hold unto your IPEGA Bluetooth controller then press and hold both the X + Huis button, at the same time.
  4. Wait until you see the LED from your IPEGA gamepad with touchpad blinking permanently.
  5. Once the LED is permanently blinking, get your mobile device and head to the Bluetooth spijskaart.
  6. Scroll down (if needed) and look for Available Devices. What you should look for is “PG-9028”
  7. Tapkast PG-9028 to embark pairing.
  8. Once the pairing is successful, you will notice that the LED light on your IPEGA PG-9028 will zekering blinking. The light will become constant.

Basically, that’s it! You can now begin checking the buttons and attempt using compatible games like Beach Buggy Blitz.

Here’s a YouTube movie from Tech Life that will voorstelling you how it is actually done. Some bonuses te the movie below are the functionality of the said IPEGA Bluetooth controller PG-9028 which is also known spil the gamepad with touchpad.

Do you do have some more tricks on how to setup this amazing and cool IPEGA PG-9028 with or without IPEGA Bluetooth Controller? Please share them with us. Thanks!

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