Slovenia – Europe’s fresh Silicon Valley, Slovenia Blockchain Conf

Slovenia – Europe’s new Silicon Valley, Slovenia Blockchain Conf

23 November 2018

Blockchain, the technology of the future, is te the zoeklicht of different governments today: several countries are fighting for the right to become Europe&rsquo,s Silicon Valley te the field of decentralized technologies. Like Cyprus and Malta, known for noisy statements of their politicians about blockchain, Slovenia strives to receive the title. Chances are high it will succeed.

The country&rsquo,s high officials are not only building their own strategy on decentralized technologies but also taking part ter European projects and actively studying the practice of other countries.

On December 12, Ljubljana will host the conference, where representatives of the Slovenian government will meet blockchain entrepreneurs and Vit Jedlicka, the Voorzitter of Liberland, where blockchain has bot already implemented te the state administration and cryptocurrency Merits has bot introduced spil the official payment means.

Status of blockchain ter Slovenia

The kwestie of the legal status of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, disputable te many countries, is practically resolved te Slovenia today. Due attention wasgoed paid to the matter ter the anti-money laundering legislation. The cryptocurrency notion wasgoed defined there, whereas brokers and exchanges received the status of financial institutions.

Spil for blockchain, it is mentioned te the Development Strategy for the Information Society until 2020. This paper, called Digital Slovenia 2020, announces the establishment of the Blockchain Slovenia initiative and invites all interested participants of the community to join it.

Communities supporting Bitcoin

A call for public activity is not a mere formality: there is Bitcoin Association te Slovenia, headed by cryptocurrency enthusiast Jure Pirc. The organization represents a truly unique practice, spil the cryptocurrency community does not protect its interests ter such an organized way te other countries of the world.

The Association&rsquo,s mission is to promote Bitcoin, create conditions for the dialogue inbetween the authorities and community, organize events dedicated to digital currencies and blockchain.

Decentralized technologies also rente AmCham Slovenia, a reputable business community that combines overheen 300 companies, including international.

Slovenia &ndash, a homeland to blockchain companies

The government&rsquo,s loyal attitude, the rente of the society, and favorable legislation are the seeds that talent birth to a superb multitude of blockchain companies ter Slovenia. Some of them are well-known across the world today.

  • Bitnik &ndash, Bitcoin company that buys and sells the &lsquo,very first cryptocurrency&rsquo, and provides consultancy services focusing on the issues of its safe storage and use.
  • ICONOMI &ndash, blockchain podium for investors.
  • &ndash, service for establishing blockchain-based businesses.
  • Bitstamp &ndash, cryptocurrency exchange.
  • SunContract &ndash, blockchain service for purchasing and selling electrified power.
  • Viberate &ndash, ecosystem for musicians and their ventilatoren that works with copyrights, selling music content, and honoraria.

Some firms were founded by foreign entrepreneurs and registered te Slovenia, others are startups raised te the country.

Blockchain infrastructure

There are nine Bitcoin ATMs te Slovenia, wielded by five operators, spil well spil the world&rsquo,s largest exchanges and marketplaces, including the Slovenian service Bitnik.

Te 2018, several major events took place te the country, dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain: conferences, meetups. For the very first time everzwijn, Slovenia has joined the international celebration of Bitcoin pizza anniversary, commemorating the purchase of the very first real product for Bitcoin (Laszlo Hanyecz ordered pizza on May 22, 2010).

This year, Ljubljana will host the international Blockchain &, Bitcoin Conference for the very first time. Presentations will be given by the voorzitter of Bitcoin Association Slovenia Jure Pirc and State Secretary ter Office of the Prime Minister Tadej Slapnik, and foreign experts: the Voorzitter of Liberland (the very first blockchain state) Vit Jedlicka, head of Crimson Flag USA (large US blockchain consultancy agency) John Collins, and others.

Despite the fact that the government is sceptic about cryptocurrencies, blockchain is undoubtedly given a green light ter Slovenia. Decentralized startups have rather comfy conditions there. Therefore, the country is fairly likely to launch national blockchain services for trials soon.

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