Step By Step Guide to Buy Bitcoin Using the Zebpay App

Step By Step Guide to Buy Bitcoin Using the Zebpay App

December 14, 2018 By Admin

Zebpay– Bitcoin is the Very first Peer-to-Peer Digital Currency that’s Fully Managed and Powered by its users and the Bitcoin Network. The Currency will remain on your PC and you can use the Currency for Purchasing Something Online and to Pay Someone anywhere ter the World. Basically, Bitcoin is Discovered by a Software Developer Known spil Satoshi Nakamoto. The Bitcoin is Formed by Lots of Mathematical Calculations that are only Done through High-End Computers.

This Process of Solving the Mathematical Calculations is Known spil Bitcoin Mining. By Doing Bitcoin Mining, You can Earn Free Bitcoins Online But it Requires a High-End Laptop and it will also affect your Electrical play Bills. Today, So Many People wish to Buy Bitcoins Online But they Don’t Know the Preferred way of Buying Bitcoins or a Trusted Webstek to Buy Bitcoins Online. If you are one of them, then you are on the Right Pagina Because Today I will expose How You can Buy Bitcoins Online Using the Zebpay App? So, Let’s Begin with Basics:-

What is Zebpay App and How Does it Work?

Zebpay is the fastest and easiest way to Buy Bitcoins Online with your mobile number and Four Digit Transaction Speld. With the help of Zebpay, Users can Buy, Sell and Invest Bitcoins te various Bitcoin Hybrid Schemes Online. The Wallet is available for Both the Android and iOS Devices that make it Possible to Buy Bitcoin lightly. The Reserve Features of the Zebpay App makes the User Practice Rewarding spil well spil Pleasant.

Besides that Zebpay is the very first Company to Launch a Plain Bitcoin Wallet App ter India that makes the Bitcoin Transactions effortless and Convenient. According to Some Reports, Zebpay is the best wallet among all the available Bitcoin Wallets. Recently, Zebpay has announced that they have crossed 100,000+ App Downloads on Both the iOS and Android Verhoging. Zebpay Team is now working hard to make the Bitcoin Technology Convenient So the Indian Users can be Proud the Owners and the Bitcoin Users.

Why You Should Choose the Zebpay Online Wallet to Buy Bitcoins

There are many Features of Zebpay that makes it Different from the Other Online Wallets. Here are Some of the Features that Proves Zebpay is the Best Wallet to Buy and Sell Bitcoins Online:-

Top Up Anytime –

Zebpay is the easiest and Fastest way to Top Up Airtime, Datacard and DTH Bills Using the Bitcoins. You can Lightly Top Up for yourself or your Friends and the Process takes just a Few Minutes.

Effortless and Rapid Transactions –

Zebpay is the fastest and easiest way to Buy and Sell Bitcoins without any Complications and You will always get the Best Price to Buy and Sell Bitcoins Online.

Discount on Bounty Cards –

Get Assured Discount on the Purchase Vouchers of Amazon, Flipkart, Makemytrip, and more at upto 10% off. It makes the User Practice Rewardable and Pleasant.

100% Secure Wallet –

Zebpay takes care of the Security of your Bitcoins, So You don’t need to worry about anthing. It is elementary spil using an instant messanger App. The Wallet is Secured using multisig wallets that insures your Bitcoin with 100% Security.

How to Buy Bitcoins Online Using the Zebpay App?

It is the best Bitcoin Wallet Provider that makes it So Lighter to Buy, Sell and Exchange Bitcoins ter 2-3 Elementary Steps. Following are the Steps that helps you to Buy Bitcoins Online Using the Zebpay App:

1. – At very first Download the Zebpay App From the Below Verbinding

Two. – After Installing the App, You have to Sign Up Using your Keurig Details ( Name Same spil te PAN Card)

Three. – Now You have to Sumbit PAN Card and Handelsbank Account Details ter order to Verify Your Account.

Four. – It Only takes upto 1 Business Day to Verify Your Account and You will be Notified via E-mail and SMS regarding the Verification Status.

Five. – After the Verification, You have to Choose the “Buy Bitcoin” Section and Inject the Amount ter Rupees. The Ondergrens Amount to Purchase is 500.

6. – After Confirming the Amount you have to Select the Payment Method to Finish the Transaction. After the Succesful Transaction, You just have to give the Transaction Id and Your Bitcoins will be Shown ter account te a Few Hours. Sometimes It took some time to Voorstelling the amount te the Wallet, So Don’t Worry If the Situation Arises.

7. – After receiving the Bitcoins, You can use it to Sell, Send and Spend to Purchase anything Online From the Internet.

Closing Words –

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