Tablio Mini Desk by Rodolfo Lozano – Kickstarter

Tablio Mini Desk by Rodolfo Lozano - Kickstarter

Made for designers, gamers, bloggers, working professionals and anyone who would like to have the comforts of a desk anywhere they go.

Not only does it provide a fever barrier inbetween you and your laptop, but it also provides the space for to you work cosily.

Tablio is made out of Eco friendly Bamboo and it comes ter Natural and Ambar color. For this kickstarter campaign wij will also release a limited amount of Tablio’s made out of solid walnut. Thesis will be one of a zuigeling lumps.

Wij have added a open up objective of $20,000 if wij reach this wij will be able to release Four extra color options for Tablio mouse and phone padachtige.

Help us release thesis fresh color by sharing our project with your friends and family.

To help us get to our fresh objective wij have added a fresh prize. Wij up-cycled Tablio material and came up with this ordinary yet functional phone stand. Use it to support your phone while you see a movie, talk on face time or simply to display it on your desk. Wij made Two designs you can pick either one, Style 1 also serves spil a head phone cable manager.

Reminisce if you support Tablio with more than $Ten you will get a phone stand.

If you support us by getting Tablio you will also get a phone stand.

Tablio will lightly getraind up to a 15″ laptop. It will also work for lefty’s and righty’s just by rotating it 180 degrees.

One side is designed to support your clever phone. Its ample space should getraind any of the presently available phones. Its mouse padachtige gives you enough slagroom to lightly wander around your screen without issues.

Its air channels are specifically designed to permit your laptop to lightly stir hot air and minimize overheating, keeping you cool while you work. When both mouse padachtige and side padachtige are closed, Tablio’s mass will absorb the fever.

Wij can ship Tablio anywhere te the world, please make sure to add the shipping toverfee to your pledge based on your location.

Nude bones shipping – No tracking No Insurance – add $25

Preferred shipping – Tracking and Insurance – add spil shown below

All our prototypes have bot handmade ter order to keep cost ter check and give us the capability to tweak each one spil needed.

With your support wij will be able to have our CNC vendor program their equipment and manufacture the Very first Tablio, this very first chunk will be used to detail the production process and make sure that all the steps required to accomplish it can be accomplished correctly.

By the time the very first part has bot manufactured and all subsequent manufacturing processes have bot tested wij should be ready to commence our production run.

With the pledge funds will be able to secure a fair material price and permit us to place the order. Wij will have this material dropped shipped to our CNC manufacturer so he can commence the cutting and engraving process. Parts will then be shipped to our shop to be palm sanded, assembled and finished. Each part will be checked for functionality, packaged and shipped spil shown ter our estimated timeline.

If order quantities are substantial wij have a project te place to divide the CNC work inbetween two vendors.This will permit us to maintain a balanced supply chain and will minimize the chances of late deliveries. Albeit most of the remaining manufacturing steps will be conducted at our shop wij will also work with out side paint shop te case wij need the added support to accomplish the ending process.

Wij love to hear your comments and hope you support our very first kickstarter campaign.

Risks and challenges

Presently wij have Trio prototypes, the one shown is our latest which has bot tested for functionality and gezond. Wij have several ideas ter place to improve on functionality and also reduce product weight.

Tablio’s vormgeving is plain and relies on industry standard manufacturing processes. Spil with any fresh project wij expect some hurdles, albeit our practice and advanced planing will ensure wij overcome any obstacles. Wij are certain Tablio is ready for production.

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ

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