Trail Bike Instead of Quad

Trail Bike Instead of Quad

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A few advantages I see are not having to haul a trailer since I could flow it on a hitch mounted carrier. I know there are some trails out westelijk that permit 2-wheel travel but not four (albeit I have never hunted an area that has this). When the weather permits, I could use it to commute to work.

The disadvantages spil I see it are the lack of carrying capacity and lack of stability on indeed rough terrain. I would have to equipment something to carry my bow and pack, but that’s not too big of a problem for mij.

Anyone else use one?

Hauls my bear bait and stands.

Has packed out many an elk spil well.

Three years ago, he hauled out a raghorn bull elk out of remote and rugged country te SW Colorado using the KTM. It took five trips–one for each quarter, and another for the head, neck & antlers.

He said it wasgoed challenging at times, but no worse than railing with a passenger. The flow wasgoed strapped to the rear rack/pasenger seating area.

The mess bike wasgoed challenging to use to get the elk out, but better than hauling it out on foot, which wasgoed his only alternative since he doesn’t have horses or effortless access to them. The trails te that deep, remote forest are all pretty much single-track backpacking/mess bike/pack pony trails, so a quad wasgoed out of the question anyway.

I choose filth bikes myself, because of the street-legal factor. Here te Colorado, you can get quads licensed for use on national forest and local roads, but not legal at all for state highways or interstates. The dirtbikes, legal for both. My next purchase will likely be a dual sport mud bike, or possibly a mule (the animal, not the ATV).

They work, but unless you are super gezond from railing all the time they gargle you up right quick. Having a pack on doubles down the fitness required. Add an 80 lbs flow of meat and it’s downright dangerous.

Here’s a duo pics from my San Juan hunt last year and my WR250F.

Unnecessary to say I steered clear of thesis single track catches sight of during the hunt.

I also use mine to commute to work sometimes ter the summer–it tops out at 60mph with my larger sprocket-its prompt enough to get mij to work

If you get one you will need to do some modifications:

Switch out the stock sprocket for one with 55 teeth–down gears the bike, I can walk myself through rough stuff ter very first gear–you will not kill yourself on thesis bikes

get an O-ring chain–you will need a fresh chain with a fresh sprocket and most people say if you switch out one sprocket you will need to switch out both and get a fresh chain so it all wears the same.

the stock vuurlijn sprocket is 14 teeth, with a 55 tooth rear sprocket you will need a 126 or 127 verbinding chain

Get a ricochet skid plate–the bike sits a little low and the skid plate will save your engine from rocks

fatter foot pegs

a rack from with homemade box–helps carry explosions and makes the bike more usable

Fresh larger handlebars with brush guard makes railing more comfy and protects your mitts when railing through brushed overheen single track–also protects your pauze and clutch when you wreck–which you will if you rail single track–it doesn’t hurt when you are only going Ten mph however

It took mij a few years to get all my mods done but now I am totally pleased with my hunting bike.

Hopefully ter the next duo weeks or so I will have some pics of it with a mountain goat strapped to it!

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