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Meet Dr. Dolly, Mine Your Memories Creator
Communication Specialist

Dr. Dolly Berthelot is a veteran writer, editor, group process designer/facilitator, business/organizational consultant, teacher, adviser with deep expertise, broad professional experience, and numerous publications. Innovative creativity and effective use of true-life stories permeate her varied, inter-related endeavors:

Professional Experience Samples
  • feature and news writer and chief editor, tri county Daily Star, Hammond LA
  • freelance magazine article writer publishing regionally to internationally
  • editor/publisher, U.S. Bicentennial publication for E. Tennessee/W. N.C.
  • author, PERFECTLY SQUARE, A Fantasy Fable For All Ages, diversity story
  • teacher grades 7-12, English, journalism, black studies, Oak Ridge, TN
  • professor of communication, writing, magazines, Loyola University of the South
  • newspaper adviser, top award winning high school weeklies, university dailies
  • group process designer, pacesetter in teamwork, human relations, story use
  • group facilitator–unity in diversity, conflict management, teams, community
  • public speaker, national/international presenter of popular programs, seminars
  • communication consultant to small business, Fortune 500 firms, individuals
  • adviser, coach, editor to professors, authors, business and community leaders
Education, Post Graduate Training
  • BA Southeastern LA University, English Liberal Arts, Sociology minor
  • MS U. TN, Communication, Magazine Journalism, Educational Psych minor
  • EdD U. TN Educational Curriculum and Instruction for adults, Communication

Professional Development includes endless study, courses, and seminars–humanistic psychology, race relations, common ground, writing, life writing, training trainers, quality management, community design, walkable communities, spiritual growth, and art. Beyond her own unique techniques for story sharing and life writing, Dr. Berthelot is certified by Soliel Lifewriting Network to teach and distribute Turning Memories Into Memoirs and Photo Scribe. See She is also a graduate of Leadership Pensacola and The Mountain School For Congregational Leaders.

Dr. Dolly loves helping people communicate orally and in writing, build teams, deepen community, foster positive cultural change (often well ahead of the crowd), find unity within diversity, and explore, share, and preserve life and work stories–before it is too late. Now semi-retired, Dr Dolly continues to draw on and expand her lifetime of education and experience. Her current focus is primarily on her own writing, but she also provides select clients private coaching or professional writing and editing and speaking services, from shorts to books. That clients list includes other authors (currently her first poet), publishers, professors, physicians, psychologists, and “ordinary people of every description,” tho she finds everyone extraordinary, or at least potentially fascinating.Health permitting, she may again consider occasional group events, particularly related to her new books, most recently PERFECTLY SQUARE, A Fantasy Fable for All Ages.

In recent years she has forfeited more corporate topics for memory mining, story sharing, lifewriting workshops and other original workshops, such as innovative SELFSHAPES&tm;, and RELATIONSHAPES&tm; for myriad professional, organizational, and personal purposes.

On a personal note, Dolly was the eldest of seven children born to first-generation Americans with Lebanese and German immigrant parents. She cherishes family roots in Bogalusa, La., but relishes ever-expanding horizons. Having traveled widely, she once lived in Turkey and Germany as a freelance magazine writer and photographer. Dolly enjoys exploring multiple cultures within the U.S. (from ethnic groups to the circus) and the world and appreciates “the unique and the universal aspects of each human being.” She deeply values family, friendship, vigorous and authentic communication, continuous learning, personal/spiritual/ethical development, and visual beauty, both natural and human made. Leisure interests include people, the arts, antiques and collectibles, creative home decorating, serene beaches, and gorgeous mountains–all reflected in her own stories!

Dolly’s community activism has included work for public libraries, women’s careers, rational dialogue and common ground, community and neighborhood development, and scenic preservation, including a successful campaign to keep cell towers off waterfronts. Her Unitarian Universalist church, ethical and theosophical inquiry, a small working writers group, book club, and regular pool exercise soothe her free spirit, inquiring mind, and aging body.Dr. Ron Berthelot, her husband of 45 years, was a partner in Berthelot Consulting until his physical and cognitive decline from probable Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, and then a bleeding stroke. Their last years together and the aftermath is the focus of Dr. Dolly’s memoirs in progress, which she hopes may be useful to others.

Dolly finally relinquished her antique, bayou-view arts and crafts bungalow under giant mossy oaks for a new life just west of downtown Pensacola. At the Riviera Condominium, she relishes inspiring Pensacola Bay views, an invigorating bayside pool, and congenial neighbors.

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Mine Your Memories™ is created by Dr. Dolly Berthelot
professional writer, editor, communication consultant, author.
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