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Dr. Dolly’s MYM, Story Sharing, Life Writing

Dr. Dolly Berthelot’s memory mining, story sharing, and life writing programs, processes, seminars, workshops will involve you (or your organization’s employees, members, students, residents, etc.) in memorable, meaningful shared experiences. All may be custom tailored for your needs. Interactive story sharing builds on memory mining. Private writing instruction and programs build well on both memory mining and story sharing.

Mine Your Memories™ For The Gems Within. MYM processes and instruction will help you remember, recall, and winnow out the gems of value, significance, and meaning in your life and work experiences, for personal/spiritual growth, relationship building, workplace benefits, or for future writing. Mine Your Memories™ is the foundation course or individual coaching session that precedes all others. You will reflect on and prospect your own memories and learn techniques, such as Dr. Dolly’s memory mapping, on which to build story sharing or life writing. Basic MYM is a minimum of 3 hours; it may also be tailored for the specific interactive story sharing or writing experiences that you may arrange to follow.

Sharing Our Stories (SOS)™ are interactive processes that help participants understand themselves and others; appreciate and pass on culture/heritage/roots/values; learn from different experiences; build teams, cohesive organizations, community; change a culture toward TQM, safety, other positives; communicate across diversity and conflict. We design and adapt SOS™ with various slants for various client/audience purposes. Sample titles include SOS™ for Quality Improvement, SOS™ to Build Unity In Diversity, SOS™ Orients New Employees (or members), SOS™ Offers Powerful OJT. Sharing Our Stories Can Build Real Community, whether among community leaders; co-workers; managers; church or other organizational members and leaders; school, wherever people need to live or work together.

Roots of Understanding™–Explore Heritage, Culture, Ethnicity, Religious Experiences, and Family History, with a mix of people both similar to and different from you. Foster better human relations, Unity Within Diversity; deepen community. Exploring your own roots and those of others can be downright fascinating. Fun! See also Roots, Mideast.

SOS–Moving From ME to WE™–Story Sharing links people, deepens community, bridges human differences. Tailored for businesses, schools, churches, temples, synagogues, or other organizations or for residential settings such as retirement centers or planned communities. ME to WE™ is also a powerful, positive approach for conflict prevention, management, and resolution.

SOS, Sharing Your World War II Era Experiences. Designed as an interactive seminar or public forum that precedes optional writing programs focused on WWII. Similar approaches to other turbulent, transformative periods–such as Civil Rights, Assassinations, Viet Nam, Feminist Movement, September 11. How were you impacted? Did you also have an impact?

Myriad other sample story topics are listed below, with suggestions for times you might schedule related programs, workshops, consulting, interviews, or writing.
Of course these and others may be arranged for other times.


  • Trials, Tribulations, Triumphs, Turning Points, Transitions
  • Depression Era Experiences




  • Childbirth Tales, Becoming A Parent
  • Childhood Moments (your own or another’s day, event, or overview)


  • Remembering Mother, Or Other Influential Woman (could be great Mom’s Day gift)
  • ME to WE, Deepen Community (great for retirement communities, churches, etc.)


  • Remembering Father, Or Other Influential Man (could be great Dad’s Day gift)


  • Your Spiritual or Religious Journey–Memories, Markers, Milestones
  • Friends Who Matter


  • Travel, Multi-Cultural Experiences, World Views
  • A Sense of Place. Portraits of Regions, Important Sites, Homes, Rooms



  • Roots Stories: Humanize Your Genealogy, Family History, Ancestors
  • Heritage Stories: Bring Your Ethnicity, Culture to Life, Learn from Diversity


  • Mini Tales, capsules for heirlooms, photos, scrapbooks, displays gifts
  • Healing Story Sharing For the Chronically or Critically Ill


  • Ghosts of Your Holidays Past–And Present

Advanced writers, or anyone after taking some of our previous courses, may consider our advanced courses or private mentoring for advanced writers:

  • Master Memoirs, Autobiography, Biography™–Nonfiction With Fictional Flair™
  • Life Writing Legacy™, Your Present to the Future™, feature articles, chapters, books

This is not a cookie cutter operation. We’ll custom design for your group, provide whatever focus you want and need, develop and arrange to suit your group. Seminars are usually in 3-hour modules, offered alone, consecutively, or clustered to meet your personal or professional goals. Enjoy learning in 1-5 day retreats on the beautiful NW Florida Gulf Coast or at your business, worksite, school or religious institution, hospital, hospice, retirement center, planned community, home, or whatever. Shorter speeches or adaptations are also available for your conference, convention, retreat, meeting program, or religious service.

All services are fully guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Mine Your Memories™ is created by Dr. Dolly Berthelot
professional writer, editor, communication consultant, author.
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