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Communication services on wheels means this doctor makes house calls! Or industry calls. Or Church calls. Or planned community calls. Or, well, you get the idea. While many clients may prefer to meet on the beautiful Emerald Coast or in historic Pensacola, where we are based, arrangements can be made to bring all our options to your chosen site, whether your business or workplace, retirement center, clubhouse, church, school, or other location. Even your own home. Private (individual) sessions require only one person and a quiet, comfortable place to interact. Group work requires a minimum of 10 registrants. For optimal learning in an interactive environment, we recommend limiting workshops to 20 maximum participants–unless special arrangements are made, such as for multiple small group breakouts. Shorter public speeches and presentations in appropriate venues may, of course, include audiences of hundreds, or thousands.

Building community especially appeals to Dr. Dolly, and her processes help you do that, through memory mining, story sharing, and life writing activities. Besides her many Mine Your Memories™ sessionsother Dr. Dolly workshops include fascinating SELFSHAPES/RELATIONSHAPES, using simple geometric shapes for a fresh angle on people.

Planned communities and retirement centers are ideal places to use these methods. The increasing popularity of neo-traditional neighborhoods, urban villages, active retirement communities, condominiums, town homes, and co-housing developments with shared clubhouse and other amenities testify to our growing felt need for community. Studies indicate that increasing numbers are yearning for continuous learning and for deep community. Many retirees, snowbirds, and even vacationers want to do more than golf or swim. No matter how expertly the development and architecture are designed, no matter how luxurious the resort, nor how gorgeous the setting, no matter how fine the staff and services, learning opportunities and relationship building strategies can greatly enhance living, leisure, and travel. Dr. Dolly’s services address these needs in ways both fresh and fun. She’s eager to bring the best to you.

Clients are responsible for professional fees, travel expenses, and reasonable per diem. If you want workshops but are not part of an appropriate existing group, workplace, or organization, you may still be able to host one, even in your own home. Gather and register at least 10 suitable people, supply comfortable space, chairs, and tables, pre-arrange with Dr. Dolly, and enjoy convenient special sessions tailored just for you. Home hosts get special benefits.

All services are fully guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Mine Your Memories™ is created by Dr. Dolly Berthelot
professional writer, editor, communication consultant, author.
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