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WWII Era Life Experiences

Powerful Interactive Seminar by Communication Specialist Dr. Dolly Haik-Adams Berthelot ©2002

Where were you in the l940s? What were you doing, thinking, feeling, learning? What would you like the present and future to know about that vital time? About you, as you were then–before, during, and after WWII, whether abroad or at home?

Younger people, what can we learn from WWII era experiences? People from diverse backgrounds and vantage points are invited to reflect on and share WWII era experiences (their own, their family’s or ancestor’s, their organization’s-men and women who were then active military, civilians, children, Euro-American, German American, Japanese American, African American, Latin, recent or subsequent immigrant, Jew, conscientious objector, others who served in various ways. We also welcome families and others who care to learn more about this era, these issues, these people–people who experienced so much, who gave so much. Open your mind and heart to the knowledge and wisdom in our true stories of WWII. This offers a fantastic opportunity for “The Greatest Generation” (Tom Brokaw’s apt term) to share with the rest of us-and learn from one another. Dr. Dolly Berthelot will provide a safe and stimulating structure and interactive environment.

We’ll adapt this program to focus on Viet Nam, 9-11, Civil Rights or Women’s Movements, or other significant era of strife, upheaval, and social transformation.

Participants will have opportunities to

  • Stimulate your mind and your memories
  • Get acquainted with valuable life reflection/recall techniques
  • Conjure up and review vital aspects of your own life
  • Share your WWII era/1940s experiences, as you choose and circumstances permit
  • Bring important WWII era/1940s events, people, places, values, feelings to life
  • Humanize events, people, and places for younger generations and others
  • Perceive WWII/1940s experience from multiple and diverse vantage points
  • Learn from others’ sharing WWII era/1940s experiences
  • Better understand a transformative time in US history and in your own life
  • Better understand a transformative time in the life of others who matter to you
  • Consider future writing or other life recording for your family and for posterity
  • Be considered for inclusion in potential articles, books, and videos
  • Lay a foundation for optional follow-ups. This may include individual expert mentoring, professional interviews, or small group workshops to get your WWII experiences down on paper for yourself and others. Those who wish to go further may arrange the related WWII story sharing seminar and the WWII Write Your Life seminar together. Your experiences may ultimately evolve into articles or memoirs with a WWII era focus or become part of other stories related to love and marriage, Mom, Dad, roots and ancestry, trials and triumphs, etc.

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