Why Explore, Share, Write Your Life Stories?
Or consider having them professionally written?

Exploring, sharing, and writing life stories will help you…

  • Learn about yourself and become a better you
  • Enrich and enhance your life, stimulate your mind, expand your personal and spiritual growth and development
  • Inspire, encourage, instruct, and entertain others who share your particular ancestry, heritage, ethnicity, background, historic era, lifestyle, disability, illness, life challenge or opportunity
  • Illuminate your experiences, history, culture, for those who DON’T share your particular ancestry, heritage, ethnicity, background, era, lifestyle, disability, illness, life challenge or opportunity
  • Eradicate or diminish stereotyping, biases, presumptions, and bigotry
  • Build bridges of humanity across the differences that often divide and isolate people. Your stories can spur and deepen relationships and contribute to a sense of connectedness, of community, of common good
  • Enliven, ennoble, and enrich workplaces; organizations; churches, synagogues, temples; residential communities (retirement centers, urban villages, condominiums, apartments, neighborhoods, etc.). Replace indifference with the bonds that come from sharing life experiences
  • Honor the wonderful people, travels, cultures and other life experiences that have so enriched you
  • Transmit your precious values, ancestry, personal and family history, and culture across the generations. Influence the future.

Beyond these basics, here are 55 more specific reasons you should not only share but also write your personal, life, or family stories!

Businesses and organizations also benefit from exploring, sharing, and writing true stories. Besides some benefits that apply to personal stories, business and organization stories offer additional uses and benefits.

Stories may serve both personal and business purposes. In small business, especially family businesses, life stories, family histories, and business histories naturally co-mingle. Use them well!

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